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0.12.5 For Android
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wrz 15, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Make Your Own Way in the World! On your journey to achieve fame and money, you will need to select a character, equip yourself with the most powerful spells, and sail from island to island. In this free-to-play, cross-platform, multiplayer tactical RPG with an original and bright artistic approach, you can advance through the levels and work on improving your tactics.

Begin your journey towards an extraordinary world

You are an adventurer searching for solutions to this terrible catastrophe, and only a few of islands have been able to withstand the rising waves of a globe that has been submerged. This world was formerly controlled by gods and dragons a very long time ago.

Even in modern times, magic is still present, but what became of the fantastical beings of yore?

Take part in sharply confronted tactical combats

Learn to control the elements, unleash potent spells, and call out legendary allies, each of which comes with its own set of gameplay mechanics. You can engage your foes in hand-to-hand combat or at a distance in these fantastical, fast-paced, turn-based tactical fights as a single player, a duet, or a trio to compete for a variety of different prizes.

You Can Improve and Personalize Your Character

Navigate your ship through a role-playing game toward faraway lands. Fight your way through the dungeons inhabited by terrifying monsters to complete epic quests. Gain levels, amass precious equipment, improve your hero, and polish your strategy all while you work your way through the game.

Every fight will be harder than the one before it, so make sure to use all of your abilities.

Your strategy, based on your character

Choose your Class, your attack element, and your spells from the available pool of 300, as well as your gear and the allies that will fight beside you in combat.

Because of the breadth and depth of the approach, no two explorers will ever have the same experience. Be wary of your adversaries if you wish to thwart their schemes, and select your allies with caution in order to thwart the strategies employed by the animals.

Have some fun with your appearance.

You will only be able to acquire spells, equipment, and companions through completing in-game accomplishments, and you will be rewarded frequently for doing so.

Show off your spectacular and unique sense of style with the various skins and accessories that you may obtain by playing the game.

The results of each match are entirely predicated on the skills of the players.

Join other people who are playing from all over the world

Invite your friends to join, and make connections with the other gamers. Join organizations whose sense of camaraderie and togetherness will help you pave the way to success. WAVEN is an innovative tactical role-playing game that bridges the gap between mobile and PC platforms; as a result, all communities, regardless of how they play, are able to connect here.

What is Waven Mobile APK?

Waven APK Android is a role-playing game that is accessible to players of all skill levels and is ideal for all gaming genres. Despite its accessibility, the game features mechanisms that are rather complex and are worth mastering. When it comes to the ability to seamlessly mix turn-based strategy with adventure gameplay, the game demonstrates a high level of nuance. The players will design cards that represent the character's abilities and strengths as part of the game. As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and armor as well as improve your overall fighting prowess. When a player enters a new battlefield in the game, they are need to evaluate both the amount of mana they have available to coordinate their skills and the range of movement available to their character in order to get the best possible results. The later in the game it is, the more cards the player will gather, each one featuring a more potent ability to compete directly with a larger number of other players.

Features of Waven Mobile APK:

Experience in playing strategic roles in simulations

Waven APK Free To Play provides players with a battle system that is really appealing to look at. Because this is a tactical entrance game, you will need to devise strategies in order to be able to construct a game with a high level of concentration. Make it so that in order to win, you have to go through a variety of challenging scenarios involving legendary monsters. Strategies for bringing about a new era on the planet.

Exciting battles based on turn-based strategy

Encourage each individual to develop their own unique playing style. You will therefore be provided with cards, and the conflict will be fought in a turn-based fashion. Therefore, in order to have any chance of victory, you will need to devise an effective strategy. Play the game according to your gameplay so that you can combine a wide variety of elements, including supplies, equipment, and magic, to create an engaging battle.

A full complement of game modes

Players have the ability to experience a wide variety of game modes when they download the Waven Multiplayer Tactical RPG APK. Offer you a player versus environment (PvE), player versus player (PvP), and island defense experience that provides players with the opportunity to combat monsters, acquire tons of equipment, and gather resources. Along with your approach, support for you can help you compete against a large number of other players.


Therefore, enter the universe of Waven APK, personalize your hero, and set off on a tactical journey that is beyond limits. In this vibrant and exciting role-playing game, you must assemble a team of allies, learn to control the elements and rise to the status of a legend. Download Waven APK Latest Version, the newest iteration of this free-to-play multiplayer tactical RPG, and cast forth on an adventure of epic proportions as soon as possible.

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