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apr 18, 2024
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Android 5.1+

Ants are ubiquitous in nature and can be both intriguing and irksome at the same time. When they're not bothersome, they teach us a lot of practical knowledge and abilities that we can apply to our daily lives. Playing an ant simulation is therefore the greatest thing you can do right now if you love ants. In the simulation game Pocket Ants, you can establish an ant colony from the ground up. Today, make every effort to expand your colony by building, feeding, and raiding!

You are in charge of the development of your ant colony in this Ariel Software game. You must locate different food sources nearby after building a food processing chamber. After that, you can finish a number of the day's missions, such raising ants and creating leaf storages, among many more. There are plenty of enemy ants here that will try to kill you, but you can protect them! To obtain resources and goods, you can also raid the colonies of other people.

  • Collect materials and return them to your nest
  • Upgrade your nest rooms to earn additional benefits.
  • As you breed worker and soldier ants, feed your queen ant.
  • Make additional creatures join your army by defeating and capturing them.
  • Gather every creature and strengthen them.
  • Raid the colonies of other players to obtain resources and extra goodies.
  • Protect resources from hostile ants.
  • Take out the red ant colony each day to get additional things.
  • Get more gamers to join your group.

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