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12.1312.1312 For Android
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gen 25, 2024
240 MB
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Android 6.0+

Are you prepared to rule the planet and fight your way through various historical eras? Take part in full-scale combat in DomiNations! Construct an empire and rule over nations as it develops from a sleepy hamlet to a bustling city. Fight as one of the greatest civilizations in global history.

Strategy games and base construction collide when you fight your adversaries. Defend your empire from other countries and start campaigns that will go down in history. Every culture, from the Japanese Empire to the Romans, had its own special troops and strengths.

Begin as a prehistoric community and expand over time, from the beginning of recorded history to the present. Learn from the greatest historical figures, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Great, at the university. Construct technological marvels and make historically accurate technological improvements. With the Council, fortify your defenses and expand your base. Assign historical characters to your base, support attacks, and fortify it during times of conflict.

Create an army, try your tactics against other players in PvP battle, or create coalitions with other players to take over the world in DomiNations.

Features of DomiNations APK: 

Create an Empire and Raise an Army

  • During the Age of War, establish a base and protect your country.
  • Take control of the planet as one of the eight formidable nations that traverse time.
  • Pick a major historical culture, such as the Greeks, Romans, British, Chinese, French, Germans, Japanese, or Koreans.
  • As you go through history, take on legendary military campaigns to gather vital resources and improve your city!

Magical battles in strategic war games

  • PVP fighting is coming. Test the might of your great nation.
  • Fight your foes and conquer cities to amass enormous amounts of treasure!
  • Join forces with other formidable leaders to create an unbeatable Alliance.
  • In 50-on-50 Alliance warfare, unleash the full power of your own battle strategy to outwit and outlive your opponents.
  • Take the spoils of battle and conquer the world in World Battle II!
  • Managing resources by using the principles of warfare. Struggle for utmost riches and dominance over the planet.

Battle in War Games: Transition from Stone Age to Space Age

  • With an army builder, you may construct an army and guide a group of prehistoric hunters and gatherers on their conquest from the beginning of civilization to the present day.
  • Create a tiny civilization and watch it develop into a bustling metropolis.
  • Construct historical wonders of the world, like as the Roman Colosseum and the Egyptian Pyramids.

Learn about new technologies.

  • To create a thriving economy, study civilizations, create new resources, create cutting-edge weapons, and expand trade.
  • Gain experience by making scientific discoveries.
  • Upgrade your town center and structures with contemporary materials, and bolster your troops and war camp with improved equipment.

World history integrated with strategy games

  • You can collaborate with some of history's greatest thinkers and leaders, including King Sejong, Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci, and other trailblazers, by playing history games.
  • Work alongside some of the greatest strategists throughout history to build your nation.

New events & age categories

  • Strategy games with interesting limited-time goals based on true events from history.
  • Get exceptional rewards to propel your country forward and enable global dominance!
  • With each age, improve both your army and base.

Create one of the greatest civilizations in history and devise a plan of attack to subjugate adversaries. Join a coalition to dominate the globe in DomiNations!

To begin constructing your society, download now!

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