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App By:
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Version: for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

With Samsung Notes, you can work together to create and modify documents on a PC, tablet, or mobile device.

The user can write papers using voices or photos, and annotate PDFs with S Pen.

Additionally, papers can be used by connecting them to several apps, like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and more.

Attempt to write a new note.

By tapping + in the lower right corner of the main screen, you can start a new note.

The "sdocx" extension will be present in newly produced notes.

Keep your notes safe.

  • From the home screen, click Settings by tapping More Options in the top right corner, and then choose Lock Note.
  • Next, decide on a password and note-locking technique.
  • Lock the notes you wish to keep private by choosing Lock Note from the More Options menu when you press the note you wish to keep private.

Write notes by hand.

While writing a note, tap the Handwriting symbol. On the note, your handwriting will be seen clearly.

Include pictures.

To snap a picture of the note you are working on, tap the photo icon. You can also load, modify, and add tags to an already-taken picture.

Include a voice memo.

You can make a note with sound by tapping the Voice Recording icon while creating a note.

Try writing using a variety of tools.

You can choose from a range of writing instruments, including pens, fountain pens, pencils, highlighters, and more, as well as different colors and thicknesses, by tapping the Pen symbol when you're writing a note.

You can choose the content you want to eliminate by selecting the Eraser symbol.

Notes and memos made in Notes and Memo can be imported.

You can import data created in S Note and Memo stored on other devices by utilizing the Smart Switch feature.

Using your Samsung account, you can import notes and memos that you've already created.

Notification about app access permissions:

To offer you this service, the following access permissions must be granted.

Even if optional permissions are denied, users can still access the service's core functionalities.

Necessary permissions

  • Storage: For loading or saving document files

Optional permissions

  • Videos and images: For adding videos and images to notes
  • Notifications: Used to inform you of things like problems with note syncing and invitations to shared notes.
  • Used to add audio to notes, music, and audio
  • Phone: Used to see if updates for your app version are available.
  • Microphone: For adding voice memos to notes
  • Camera: For attaching images and scanned papers to notes

The essential features of the app remain accessible even if you decline the optional permissions.

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