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1.1.3 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a New Galaxy of Monsters, better known as Negamons – an incredible and promising playground for all monster hunters and trainers!

Where you can

You will begin your career as a tamer by selecting your initial Negamons.

While you go, you should try to capture and evolve a variety of monsters. The further you progress, the greater the likelihood that you may come across a legend and be able to gather it.

Build the most powerful monster squad possible to dominate the competition.

Becoming the most skilled monster trainer on Negamons Island is the ultimate objective!!!


Within the realm of Megamon Monster Trainer Mod APK, players will assume the role of a monster trainer while adventuring in the made-up planet of Altria. The goal is to become the most experienced monster educator possible by being adept at capturing, educating, and fighting a wide variety of monsters. Battles in Negamon are conducted in a turn-based fashion, during which players select various actions and abilities for their monsters to carry out. The fights are lively and visually appealing, with jaw-dropping animations and special effects that contribute to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Key Features:

  • Free to play in every way
  • Free presents on a daily basis
  • Gameplay that is both easy and engrossing
  • Incredible graphic design in 3D.
  • Many entertaining side games to play in order to earn prizes.

At Negamons Island, you'll need to devise a plan and be ready to start your career as a monster trainer.

Features of Negamons Monster Trainer Mod APK

Unfathomable Degrees of Personalization

The solid monster customization mechanism that Negamon offers is the driving force behind the game's appeal. There is a great amount of room for personalization in them, both in terms of altering the colors and designs as well as adorning them with accessories. This feature not most effectively imbues your organization with originality while strengthening your emotional connection with the one you love monsters.

Bringing together players in competitive multiplayer arenas

Negamon acknowledges the pleasure that comes from having shared experiences, despite the allure of lonely inquiry. Create alliances, fight with other players in online combat, and even take part in the exhilarating process of trading Negamons with other players.


The wondrous realm of Negamon is ready to welcome you on your mission to train monsters. You will never run out of adventures since there are so many different Negamons to find, so many different ways to customize your character, and so many different game types to play. What exactly are you looking forward to? You may step into the position of a monster-taming master by downloading Negamon now and playing it for yourself.

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