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17.0 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 28, 2024
167.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

A global total of over four million downloads!
The inexhaustible dynamic action of Just Kill Me! is a favorite among all.
Prepare for the third thrilling installment!


"Have you ever played Just Kill Me?"

The initial one, that is. Because if you possess...

If you have, please vacate this location.

A enigmatic feline Demon God stands before you.

He has eliminated the presence of seasoned JKM players.

and has his crosshairs set on you, a novice.

"You have a single, and only one, mission..."

Please terminate my life.

What is the reason for the Demon God's desire for death?

What has he done with the individuals who portrayed JKM?

Also, why is this Just Kill Me 3?

when there was never a sequel to Just Kill Me?

The latest addition to the JKM series is capable of throwing

Out the window goes the gaming convention!

Newcomers to JKM, please join us for the journey!

Veterans of JKM, exercise prudence...

Instructions for Playing

The process of eliminating the Demon God multitude is as straightforward as 1-2-3:

To initiate an assault, simply tap on the diminutive creatures known as Tama.

That concludes the matter. No bother, no muss.

This game is enjoyable for all ages.

Excellent replayability

Destroy waves upon waves of demon gods.

with the help of your divine companions!

Gather them, fortify them, and concentrate on them.

They leave no survivors in the wake of their assaults!

Additionally, a diverse array of intriguing products will be available.

demonstrate that you are indispensable to your offense!

Suggestions for...

  • Individuals who are unfamiliar with the Just Kill Me series
  • Veterans of the Just Kill Me series who are confident that they will not be apprehended by the Demon God
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