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App By:
National Informatics Centre.
4.0.0 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
  1. This application is intended for retired military personnel and family pensions.
  2. The app can authenticate users using their faces, fingerprints, or irises utilizing the Aadhaar database.
    1. Using an app that supports Face Authentication (now only accessible in India).

There is no need for a piece of external biometric equipment; just the AadhaarFaceRD service is necessary.

  • calls for it. AadhaarFaceRD is available for download from the Google Play Store; to find it, look for
  • AadhaarFaceRd may be found in the Google Play Store (Note that the app's name is AadhaarFaceRD.)
  • The service is only offered in India and is only functional there.

Using an application in conjunction with a Finger Print or Iris device

  • A registered biometric device is necessary, and acceptable options include fingerprint scanners and iris scanners.
  • scan of the iris
  • RD Service of each individual biometric device is necessary and can be

purchased via the Google Play Store and downloaded

  1. When a JeevanPramaan application, also known as a Digital Life Certificate (DLC), is successfully submitted, a one-of-a-kind Pramaan-Id is produced and a confirming SMS is received. Pramaan-id is available for usage in the event that there is a need for future reference or requirements.
  2. The Digital Life Certificate is automatically accessible by the Pension Disbursing Office for processing, and as a result, it is not necessary to submit a paper copy of the DLC to the Pension Disbursing Office. This is because the processing of the DLC is done automatically.
  3. Only retirees whose pension sanctioning authority has been integrated with JeevanPramaan will be able to take advantage of this option. Please check this link for a list of the Onboarded Pension Sanctioning Authorities. 

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Jeevan Pramaan APK was developed and offered by National Informatics Centre. for Android users around the world to read their favorite content in one place for free.

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