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1.1.56 for Android
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Android 5.0+

Collaboration of the Century: Baki Hanma and Idle Berserker

Now is the time to reach your maximum potential for physical strength!

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IDLE Berserker is an action role-playing game that fits in the palm of your hand and features an easy-to-advance leveling system.

A traveling swordsman suffered a severe wound while traversing the regions of Gasgaia, and it was only through the intervention of a mystery young woman that he was miraculously saved from certain death. But when he learns that his savior was taken as a sacrifice to the Black Dragon Trakan, he makes a bargain with the Reaper and is reincarnated into the realm of idle role-playing games as a rage-fueled berserker. This is how he got his revenge on the Black Dragon Trakan. 

Features of Idle Berserker MOD APK:

Feel the thrill of the spectacular battles.

In this role-playing game scenario, you can have a taste of the berserker's unbridled fury and might as it builds up.

Elements of an RPG With Infinite Growth

In one of the most captivating role-playing games, your goal is to vanquish the evil Black Dragon Trakan by mastering the game's unique unlimited growth system.

Play that's open to all comers

This IDLE role-playing game was made with player accessibility in mind. Gameplay that is easy to understand but packed with exciting encounters is a true example of an idle adventure.

An Assorted Compilation

Gather and level up a wide variety of fantastic weapons, armor, and abilities in this idle role-playing game.

Features of the Game That Are Captivating

In this role-playing game (RPG), you may look forward to a plethora of material, including auto-battle, dungeons, summons, quests, and the crucial hero growth mechanisms!

Take fashion seriously.

Embellish your berserker with one-of-a-kind clothes that not only help to differentiate between different concepts but also improve the whole experience of playing an idle role-playing game.


As the story progresses in the colorful world of Idle Berserker MOD APK, one comes to the conclusion that this is not only another game to kill time; rather, it is an immersive experience that serves as a call to adventure that reverberates deeply within the warrior spirit. Each tap that you make on the screen will move you forward in a realm that is full with never-ending adventures and difficulties. A domain in which the combination of cunning, physical prowess, and friendly competition can lead to unfathomable heights of dominance. So, brave warrior, what does the future hold for you? Time and your own bravery are the only things that will tell. Are you prepared to take on the test? Download it today, and watch as your name is etched into the lore of this remarkable cosmos!

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