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6.0 For Android
Updated On:
May 13, 2024
138.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Do you have photos or videos that are pixelated, damaged, or blurry? Are you appalled at your inability to repair them? Indeed, do not be! Fixing them with Enhancefox APK for Android will take only a few seconds.
Simply choose the image or video that requires enhancement and the robust AI will proceed with the task. Your stale photos and videos will be restored to like-new condition in no time.
All modifications are implemented via Luminar AI Generation Technology within the application. It assesses the content of your photos and videos and makes any adjustments required to improve their appearance. Their color, clarity, and crispness will be restored to an unparalleled degree.

Why is Enhance Fox APK?

Videos and photographs are the most effective means of capturing and preserving unforgettable moments. However, with time, they may sustain injury that would render them unsightly and unappealing. This is particularly aggravating if the recollections hold sentimental value for you.
Prior to Enhancefox, the only viable approach to enhancing the quality of the work was by employing specialized and costly editing software. This eluded the majority of individuals, as it demanded specialized knowledge and instruction.
With only a few touches, anyone can attain outstanding results using Enhancefox APK. The app is user-friendly and requires no specialized knowledge or instruction. It is effective, straightforward, and quick!
It identifies the issue precisely and implements corrective measures. The application is user-friendly and does not require a high level of expertise; it is suitable for individuals of all skill levels. Excellent results (up to 4K HD resolution) can be obtained in an absurdly brief amount of time. Additional advantages of obtaining the app include:

Features of Enhance Fox APK:

  • Custom Presets. You will save time by utilizing the custom presets included in this application. Choose from various options, including sharpening, modifying the structure, clarity, and more. This facilitates the process of refining photographs and recordings.
  • Negative-impact editing. The application does not modify the original files. It generates and modifies duplicates of the entities. You will have the ability to revert to the initial versions should you be dissatisfied with the outcomes.
  • De-scratch Images. Scratched photographs are no longer a prevalent issue. They can be repaired and made to appear flawless by the application.
  • Transform and Avatarify Images. The application is capable of transforming your photographs into breathtaking animations. They can also be used to generate avatars. These are ideal for profile images on social media platforms.
  • Enhance the Quality of Text. When text is present in photos and videos, the application has the capability to enhance its clarity. This feature is ideal for adding subtitles or captions.
  • Modify Diverse Video Components. This application is not limited to photos alone. In addition, it permits the modification of a multitude of video components, including frame rate, resolution, motion animation effect, and more.
  • Create digital copies of your old photographs. Enhancefox enables the scanning and digitization of ancient photographs. You can ensure their safety and security on your phone or computer in this manner.


Enhancefox is the only application you need to transform the quality of your photographs and videos. It employs AI technology for problem identification and correction. In addition, it includes personalized presets that simplify the editing process.
Also available for free download is the Enhancefox MOD APK 2023. This version removes advertisements and grants access to all premium features.

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