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1.00.60 for Android
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

Driving Zone: Germany Pro is an ad-free, limitless street racing simulator and vehicle game. Drive iconic German vehicles with realistic mechanics.

Features of the Pro version:

  • 20,000 coins.
  • A game without any Ad-free; 
  • Freeride: Never have a car break down.

German automakers' prototypes are shown in this game, ranging from sleek, vintage city automobiles to aggressive, contemporary sports cars and luxurious vehicles. Every vehicle in the game includes unique engine noises and technical details. A well-detailed dashboard and body give the impression of authenticity and full presence.

There are four distinct tracks in the game, each with a different weather pattern. You can take a ride in the picturesque German town at night or go on the high-speed highway. If you consider yourself to be a true extreme racer, you ought to drive on ice, hazardous winter courses. You have the option to select a dynamically changing start time for the day. Additionally, you can experience driving on a dedicated race or drift track.

Launch the engine, step on the pedal, and go as fast as you can in pursuit. Passing through traffic earns points. Alternatively, visit the racetrack and attempt to complete the course in the least amount of time to receive the greatest possible award. Drift is an additional mode where you may practice your drifting abilities and score points by making quick, precise skid angles. Points are required to unlock the game's additional modes, vehicles, and other features.

With this racing simulator, you can select between driving calmly and safely or in a very risky one. With so many settings available, you may adjust the degree of realism in the car dynamics, ranging from arcade and simulation levels to the most realistic—for example, the challenging race simulator where you have to demonstrate your driving prowess.


  • No ads;
  • Car tuning and customization feature;
  • Realistic car physics;
  • Modern beautiful graphics;
  • Real-time alteration of the time of day;
  • four street racing levels, numerous racetrack and drift circuit configurations with varying weather conditions;
  • View from the first person, interior perspective, and cinematic camera;
  • Your game progress is synchronized automatically with the cloud.

Caution! Although it is a very realistic game, its purpose is not to teach you how to race on the street. Use caution and good judgment when operating a real vehicle. Enjoy your virtual driving experience in congested traffic, but please drive cautiously and according to the law on actual roadways.

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