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Mugich CPU Tools
1.2 for Android
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Mugich CPU Tools

The Multi-core CPU Control is a program that allows you to individually configure scaling frequencies and the governor for each CPU core on your rooted device, as well as monitor current core states in real time.

It enables you to use the highest processor frequency for all cores to increase FPS in games, or to use the lowest frequency to reduce power consumption when your phone is idle. Enhance your performance right now!

Multi-core CPU Control works without any background services!

Is your device compatible? ROOT access is required. If the app does not operate properly, you will most likely need to run a custom firmware (such as CyanogenMod) with kernel frequency scaling enabled. It is incompatible with Zenithink zt180 and Flytouch tablets.as well as numerous forgeries.

Be cautious of the scaling frequencies you choose! If you use severe levels, your phone may get hot or unresponsive. Pay close attention while selecting options, especially when utilizing the "Apply on boot" option; remember that you have 30 seconds after your device has booted to return settings to default.

Key Features:

  • The status of the CPU cores is being monitored. Single, two, quad, and even octa core processors are supported.
  • Each CPU core has its own parameters. Accelerate your processor or save battery power (slow down).
  • CPU user profiles that are unique
  • In the event of dangerous settings, a 30-second delay is used to avoid boot-loops.
  • Stats panel to monitor how well frequencies are being used

How do I select the best governor?

  • If you want to save your battery Use a power-saving governor.
  • If you want to get the most out of your processor, use the performance governor.
  • If you want to strike a compromise between performance and battery life, utilize an ondemand or interactive governor.

SUPPORT: If you have any issues, please contact me before leaving a negative remark. I'll attempt to respond and assist you as soon as possible.

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