Cool Timer APK

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App By:
2.0.6 For Android
Updated On:
Nov 06, 2023
27.2 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Are you looking for ways to improve how you manage your time? We'd like to introduce you to Cool Timer APK. This is not your typical clock-watching software; rather, it is designed to be your indispensable assistant in navigating the hectic schedules of everyday life.

Cool Timer is the timekeeping equivalent of a superhero, and it comes with a free version as well as a pro edition that includes additional features for those who are looking for even more. Your Android device comes equipped with the "three amigos" for keeping track of time: a stopwatch, an alarm, and a countdown. In addition, if you're sick of the same old alarm sounds, Cool Timer gives you the option to play your own music instead, as long as the songs are in MP3 or WAV format.

Have you ever forgotten to set an alarm because your phone was on silent and you didn't check it? There's no need to be concerned because Cool Timer has your back. It will gradually increase the level until the alarm goes off, at which point it will abruptly stop. Imagine having a personal assistant right there with you wherever you go!

Features of Cool Timer APK:

  • The Musical Harmony Cool Timer is not only concerned with the passage of time, but also with the beats. Because it synchronizes with all of your preferred music players, it enables you to time your activities according to the beat of your life.
  • The Amazing Widgets You no longer need to go through your app drawer. This version of Cool Timer has several neat widgets for easy access. It's just like having a dashboard for keeping track of the time right there on your home screen.
  • Smooth User Experience Whoever stated that beauty can't be found in simple was wrong. The user interface of Cool Timer is not only straightforward but also breathtakingly beautiful. Its sophisticated appearance and user-friendly functionality make it a delight to put to use.
  • Beats in the Background Even if you leave the application, the timer will continue to run. It keeps humming away in the background, ensuring that your chores are completed properly even if you switch to working on other things on your smartphone at the same time.
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