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App By:
3.22 for Android
Required Android:
Android 4.3+

Reassigning unique actions to your volume buttons and other hardware buttons is simple using Button Mapper. Remap buttons so that they can be pressed once, twice, or long-pressed to start any app, shortcut, or custom action.

Most physical or capacitive keys and buttons, including certain assist buttons, volume buttons, and capacitive home, back, and recent apps keys, can be remapped with Button Mapper. In addition, Button Mapper can rearrange the buttons on a variety of gamepads, remote controls, and other accessories.

Most operations don't require root, but some do, and in that case, an ADB command from a connected PC is needed. If your device is not rooted or you are not running an ADB command, Button Mapper will not function when the screen is off.

Here are a few instances of remapping that Button Mapper may accomplish:

  • Toggle your torch by pressing and holding it down.
  • reprogramme the TV remote control.
  • press to transmit personalized intentions, scripts, or directives
  • Long press to launch the camera and snap a picture.
  • Double tapping will open your preferred shortcut or app.
  • To view your notifications, double-tap.
  • Change the keys for your recent and back apps (only use capacitive buttons!).
  • Use your volume buttons to change the brightness of the screen.
  • Toggle "do not disturb" mode with a long press, among other features

Extra features available in the pro edition include:

  • Keycode simulation (requiring root or the adb command)
  • When orientation changes, switch the volume keys.
  • Pie or later will default to the ring volume.
  • Pocket recognition
  • Topics
  • Toggle the back and recent buttons.
  • haptic feedback (vibration) that may be customized for button and long press

The following actions can be assigned to buttons or keys:

  • Open any shortcut or application.
  • Turn off the button.
  • Intents to broadcast (PRO)
  • Execute scripts (PRO)
  • shutter of a camera
  • Switch off the screen.
  • Turn on the torch.
  • Fast settings
  • Display alerts
  • Power conversation
  • Grab a picture
  • Music: play/pause, previous/next track
  • Mute or adjust the volume
  • Final app change
  • Turn off the do not disturb
  • Modify the brightness
  • Currently on tap (root)
  • The root menu button
  • Select a custom keycode (PRO or root).
  • Root instruction (root and PRO)
  • Turn on WiFi
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Turn on rotation
  • lucid alerts
  • Divided screen
  • Drag and drop (root)
  • And a tonne more...

Supported buttons:

  • Physical buttons for recent applications, home, back, and menu
  • Turn the volume up. 
  • Volume down.
  • most buttons on cameras
  • Numerous buttons on a headset
  • Custom buttons: You may add more buttons to your phone, headphones, gamepads, TV remote, and other accessories (such as active and mute).

Additional options:

  • More choices include adjusting the long press or double tap time and 
  • delaying the first button press for improved double tap functionality.
  • in addition to numerous other customizations, turn off the Button. 
  • Mapper when using particular apps.


  • Verify that the accessibility service for Button Mapper is turned on and permitted to operate in the background.
  • Onscreen buttons (such the navigation bar or soft keys) and the power button are not compatible with Button Mapper.
  • The buttons on your phone determine which options are displayed in the app. Not every phone has buttons for the home, back, and recents!

Service accessibility is used by this app. To meet your demands, accessibility uses the ability to recognize when the physical or capacitive buttons on your smartphone are pressed and remap those actions to specific functions. It doesn't track what you type. Your privacy is maintained, Button Mapper is safe, and it doesn't gather or share any of your personal information.

The Device Administrator permission is used by this program. (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN)

If the "Turn screen off" action is selected, this authorization is used to lock the screen. Open Button Mapper, and select "Uninstall" from the menu (three dots in the top right corner) if you wish to remove this permission.

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