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App By:
Studio Surgical Scalpels
1.0 for Android
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

Description of Boundary Game APK

In the multiplayer tactical space shooter Boundary, players assume control of an Astroperator, a heavily armed astronaut who engages in intense team versus-team zero-gravity firefights and low-gravity operations against other Astroperators and other entities on orbiting space installations.

Now, with the help of your EMU suit, you may face enemy warriors in a three-dimensional battlefield where dangers might come from all directions while navigating the hostile atmosphere of space and orbiting stations. This is astronaut combat, where position and angle of attack are crucial factors, just like in dogfighting.

Customize your armored space suit and your collection of upgraded weapons. Be a sniper with great eyesight, taking out targets at a distance, or move up close and personal to advance the fight as an assaulter. Choose from a variety of stocks, grips, optics, barrels, and ammunition types to upgrade and modify your primary weapon to fit your play style and give your weapon and class a distinctive look.

Boundary, which draws a lot of inspiration from real-world industrial technology and space research, offers a wide range of multiplayer settings, such as a field of debris scattered with wrecks and Solar Farm, among others. Astroperators can engage in a variety of difficult and interesting combat scenarios on these maps.

Your fight will become more unpredictable and difficult with weapon customization, a variety of combat classes to select from (combat medics, snipers, support, etc.), and the use of unique tools like the grappling hook to aid in navigating intricate terrain designs. In multiplayer battles, take the initiative and use sly tactics to gain the upper hand.

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