Boost For Reddit APK

Download Boost For Reddit APK 2024

App By:
Rubén Mayayo
1.12.12 For Android
Updated On:
May 31, 2024
15.9 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Enhance your browsing experience with

Experience the most popular social news site's most exceptional content.

  • Material Design user interface that is exceedingly intuitive
  • with thousands of theme colour combinations

Personalise the browsing interface for each subreddit: Swipe between posts using cards, micro cards, an image gallery, a compact list, or a slide show.

In-app media previews include images, animations, gfycat, gifs, albums, and videos, all of which are available for download and sharing.

  • Sort posts by the type of content they contain: images, albums, GIFs, videos, text posts, or links.
  • Filter by the domain, author, subreddit, or keywords in the titles.
  • Navigation options and comment highlight: Threads, OP, IAmA, Mine, Distinguished, Links, Search text, Search author.
  • Delightful desktop display
  • for the moderators of subreddit
  • And a great deal more!

Boosts enable the selection of distinct view modes for each subreddit:

Cards featuring large images

  • Presentation of slides to
  • Image gallery for subreddits that are image-based
  • Mini cards featuring thumbnails
  • A concise summary and additional information...
  • All of them are customisable, including the left-handed mode.

Boost facilitates sophisticated theme customisation:

  • Numerous primary colours, including light, dark, and themes
  • Choose any primary colour and 70 accent colours from the Material Design collection.
  • Customise the font's size, colour, and type.
  • These configurations should be saved.
  • Alternate between day and night phases

Maintain your current reading position as you alter the style of view, theme, or font. There is no requirement for refreshing.

  • Would you prefer to view only videos and animated gifs? Using

You can display or conceal posts based on their content, including images, albums, animations, videos, text, or links.

  • Posts can be filtered by keywords in the title, author, domain, or subreddit.
  • Comments that are color-coded to improve readability
  • Use the volume controls to scroll through the comments.
  • Buttons for navigating between comments
  • Expand or collapse comment threads, or collapse all to display only the top-level comments.
  • Instead of employing the back option, swipe back from comments.
  • Secure OAuth2 login with multi-account support
  • Tablets can operate in split-screen mode.
  • Options for automatic data storage that are determined by the network
  • On the scroll, indicate that posts have been read.
  • Include images in messages, posts, or comments.
  • Modify the download folders according to the category of file.
  • Archive entire albums or a selection of images.
  • Before submitting, examine the formatting of the text.
  • Preserve manuscripts for future reference.
  • Subscribing to subreddits or adding them to your favourites
  • To access the sidebar, simply swipe.
  • To enlarge the images, swipe them upwards.
  • Establish and modify multiple reddits
  • Support for spoilers
  • Search for posts and subreddits.
  • Quick access to your saved articles
  • Mod tools
  • Users should be identified.
  • Support from friends
  • Sync read posts for Gold users
  • Synchronisation assistance
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