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1.0.8 For Android
Updated On:
Mar 14, 2024
6 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

This project is focused on making advantage of the built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology of Android devices in order to develop Phantom Bluetooth Device Advertisements. These are advertisements that work in a manner that is analogous to what is known about, for example, the Flipper Zero. Although there are other applications available that give functionality that is comparable to what this app does, the primary focus of development for this app was to simplify and improve the user experience.

Depending on the smartphone models that are used for transmission and reception, the most recent version of the Bluetooth LE Spam program enables users to transmit packets over Bluetooth at distances ranging from a few millimeters to several meters. This range is determined by the smartphone manufacturers.

During spam campaigns, a previously attached Bluetooth device on the targeted smartphone or PC, such as a mouse or keyboard, may become unresponsive as a result of the program, which is an intriguing and potentially useful side effect. In point of fact, you are able to carry out a denial of service attack with the help of the Bluetooth LE Spam program.

Because Bluetooth connection request alerts are displayed by default on Android 14 and Windows 11 devices, users may experience difficulties if they are subjected to constant Bluetooth LE Spam packets.

On Android, you can easily prevent these unwanted messages from appearing by going to the Settings menu, selecting Google, and then selecting the Nearby Sharing section. From there, you can turn off the Show Notification option. You may turn off this feature by navigating to the Settings menu, then selecting Connected Devices, then Connection Settings, and finally Nearby Sharing.

You will need to enter Settings in Windows 11, choose Bluetooth & Devices from the menu on the left, click Devices, scroll down to Device Settings, and turn off the Show notifications for connecting with Swift Pair switch. After that, you will be able to use Swift Pair.

In the past, IT enthusiasts have distributed a specialized firmware for Flipper Zero known as Xtreme. This firmware made it possible for spam assaults to be carried out via Bluetooth alerts on mobile devices running Android, Windows, or iOS.

Previously, an information security researcher by the name of Anthony said in his technical blog that he was able to thwart the operation of an iPhone over Bluetooth by employing Flipper Zero to trigger an infinite number of phony pop-up windows on the device. Anthony claimed that this allowed him to thwart the function of the iPhone. It is important to remember that this kind of assault is successful even when the airplane mode is activated. It is not possible to stop it by just touching on the icon in the Control Center; the only way to do so is to go into the settings for your iOS device and turn Bluetooth off entirely.

What is Bluetooth Le Spam APK?

The Bluetooth-LE-Spam APK is a piece of software that simulates the appearance of the well-known Flipper Zero hardware. This malicious program has the capability of sending Android devices bogus Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, which can transform them into seeming to be other types of devices, such as smart keys or wireless earphones. When this program is active, it simulates Android's "Fast Pair" functionality by initiating a large number of bogus Bluetooth connection requests.

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