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12.16.20 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 11, 2024
378.4 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

The BBVA Mexico App eliminated the need for transfers and lines. Execute your transactions in mere minutes, regardless of your location.
Am I still not a member of the bank? No problem; it is no longer necessary to visit a branch or be a client to establish an account. You can do so without incurring any fees or commissions from the comfort of your own home.
Your data is now more secure than ever, thanks to the facial recognition function, which requires only configuration during the initial installation of the app on a device. Rest assured that your information is safeguarded from potential fraudulent activities.

How can I utilize this application?

Your remarks are ordered at BBVA.

Avoid becoming disoriented while navigating between applications. Utilise the voice command to pay for services, make transfers, or manage your credit card.
Simply say "pay credit card from BBVA" or the desired action, and the application will open automatically. Log in to ensure security, and the requested item will be displayed instantaneously. Confirm the operation, and you are done! Your payment will be processed in less than two minutes.

Have you misplaced your card?

Nothing transpires.
Use your cell phone to withdraw money from the ATM or transfer funds to your contacts, allowing them to withdraw money from any location. Enter the unique code generated by the app and withdraw money from the ATM by selecting the "Withdrawal without card" option.
If your credit or debit card is not in your possession, you can switch it on and off from your device as needed to prevent unauthorised use.

Increased security when purchasing online

Generate a digital card for your online transactions. A dynamic CVV with a validity of 5 minutes will be generated each time you use it to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Avoid being perplexed by one's interests.

The new credit card interest simulator allows you to input the amount you wish to pay and obtain an estimate of the interest that will be charged when you make the payment. We will also provide you with additional information regarding the amount for the subsequent month if you choose to pay the amount you have specified. So that you may make more well-informed decisions.

Do you require assistance with the payment of your credit card?

Access a financing plan that includes fixed payments to facilitate the repayment of your card. Additionally, you may opt to pay for your purchases in months without interest.
Have you accrued any points? The points can be used to pay for the full or partial amount of your purchases made with your credit card. This pertains to foreign or Mexican businesses with foreign affiliations.

Did you exceed your budget by using your debit card?

However, there is no need for concern; your BBVA app provides access to a loan with fixed payments, enabling you to recover financially. The credit has a potential range of $200 to $6,200 MN.

Use QR codes to facilitate the transfer and payment process.

Disregard account numbers; the application will furnish you with a QR code that can be used to execute transfers. In certain establishments, it is also possible to pay with your cell phone by scanning the code from your app.
Additionally, you can recharge airtime, transfer funds, establish an additional account, pay for services, and change your payroll to BBVA, all without leaving your home.

Do you have any security inquiries? 

  • The data associated with your operations is safeguarded and is not retained on the cell phone.
  • If your cell phone is lost, your service will be inaccessible to all but you. You are the sole individual who possesses the password, and you can terminate it by contacting the BBVA Line.

Call the BBVA Line if you have any additional inquiries.

Metropolitan Area 5226-2663

Interior of the Republic: 01-800-2262663

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