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1.2.216 For Android
Updated On:
Thg11 29, 2023
929.3 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The mobile symphonic role-playing game "takt op. Symphony" guides everyone to bring harmony back to the earth.

In the middle of sadness, music is like a lamp that illuminates the hearts.

But on one particular day in the Western calendar, the "Dissonant Meteorite" unexpectedly dropped from the sky, bringing with it the "D2" monsters. This was around 2020. This monster despises all forms of "music" and aims to wipe out both mankind and the musical universe.

The planet hasn't heard music since.

But "music" has once more strengthened humanity by serving as a beacon of hope for the future.

The girls known as "Musicart" who have the ability to control musical scores are the key to defeating these creatures. They hold the secret to save the planet.

As a conductor, players will lead these girls in battle and attempt to save the world.

Conductors, the threat to humanity remains, and the earth is still filled with the roar of the monster "D2".

This is where the story of finding hope again will start. Now let's take up the Symphonica baton and unravel the story's mysteries!

"takt op." is what I mean!

Music's Power: The Girls Who Became "Musicarts"

The game's character design is the work of renowned Japanese popular illustrator LAM.

The game will have "musicals" with various personalities that have been endowed with the ability to perform well-known pieces of music, including "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" by Mozart or Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67.

The Conductor will lead them in playing beautiful battle moves.

Employ ideal strategies to prevail in combat.

It is now your responsibility to lead the fight to restore hope.

Place players strategically to trigger different effects and skills at the appropriate times.

Making the right decisions and following instructions will help you win the fight.

Numerous playable components, including minigames and puzzle-solving

Solving a variety of unsolved riddles is the ultimate source of adventure satisfaction.

Players can explore dungeons and undertake a variety of puzzle-solving challenges in this game.

Come with me as we delve into the world of "takt op." and discover the endless narrative.

Take a journey through a large world.

Apart from "Symphonica" serving as the fortress, players are allowed to explore different areas in the game.

For instance, players can have a conversation with the Musicarts or take a pause to relax and absorb in this lovely atmosphere.

Strong emotions and poignant tales

More than 25 "Musicals" with a variety of musical compositions and personalities may be found in the game. They will coexist with the players as they battle D2.

experiencing the stories and assignments that are unique to each of them.

In order to delve deeper into their emotions and develop a solid bond, players must continue conversing with them and progressively learn about their hearts.

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