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"TVer" is the official commercial TV distribution service, and it is where you may watch TV.

You can watch programs on "TVer" that are similar to those that you would normally view on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or television, such as dramas, variety shows, and animations.

With the video-on-demand service, you may watch whatever videos you want, whenever you want, and from wherever you want.

Let's change the way we watch television programs like dramas, anime, and variety shows so that they better fit your preferences.

Deliveries in real time are currently being worked on!

You can view "real-time distribution" on the real-time distribution website. This feature gives you the opportunity to watch television programs at the same time that they are being broadcast, with a primary focus on midnight programming.

Have a good time with NOWONTVer!

Due to the fact that terrestrial broadcasting will be supplied simultaneously utilizing the network of the Internet, there will be a delay of around forty seconds to one and a half minutes between terrestrial broadcasting and it.

The amount of time that passes between live broadcasts varies according on the broadcasting station, the show that you are now watching, and the terminal that you are using.

Features and functions of TVer

  • There will be no further fees.
  • Absolutely safe and sound! Providing programming for official programs that is generated by private television networks.
  • A convenient search function that enables you to easily search for the program video you want to watch, such as filtering down or free word search. Among other options, this search function may also allow you to search for certain words.
  • Favorite feature that gives you the opportunity to record the names of your preferred talents and programs
  • Personalized suggestions to help you locate the show you've been looking for.
  • The ability to share your favorite shows on social networking sites and other platforms.
  • Comprehensive and precise coverage of television program information utilizing the HP data of all stations
  • Television news reports that have been compiled and are currently trending on the internet
  • Featuring a nationwide program guide for terrestrial and basic cable television programming.

TVer is highly recommended for those like you!

  • My favorite genre of television is drama, and I'm eager to catch up on the most recent episodes I've missed.
  • I want to be able to see my favorite anime that is being aired on television once more.
  • I would want to see a variety of comedy shows that feature well-known artists and skills.
  • I want to see if there are any new documentaries on current events or sports specials.
  • I'm seeking a video app that will let me view shows that are broadcast on television.
  • I'm interested in using a video distribution service that gives users unrestricted access to previously viewed content.
  • I want to use the app to look at the program guide for terrestrial as well as cable television.
  • I want to utilize a video-viewing app that is packed with features and has gorgeous pictures integrated into it.
  • I frequently fail to watch the shows that air on terrestrial television.
  • I am a fan of video works and frequently rent videos; however, I would like to be able to watch videos on my smartphone.
  • I want to watch series on television that span a number of genres, such as comedies, action shows, variety shows, and dramas.

Important announcement regarding the supported operating systems

After April 2022, the only version of Android that can be utilized as an operating system is 7.0 or a later version.

Please think about updating the operating system if you are using a smartphone or tablet with Android 6 or an earlier version.

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