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1.1 For Android
Updated On:
May 18, 2024
200.1 MB
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Android 5.1+

You are granted the opportunity to embark on an expedition to the Middle Ages in 1212, a period marked by the intensification of the Crusades in the Middle East and the Mongol Empire's expansion into Asia. Twenty major states are delineated on a massive world map that is at your discretion. You may affix your allegiance to any state and ascend to the throne of that state rapidly, or you may establish your own and conquer an expanding territory. Additionally, you can engage in combat with criminals at any time and generate revenue through the sale of trophies. Establishing a business and purchasing land will guarantee you a comfortable lifestyle. You can always engage in combat with your army, whether it be a siege of a city, citadel, port, or village, or a battle in an open field, in addition to traversing the globe.
Are you a fan of the mediaeval? Engage in action and strategy? Massive engagements and sieges? Do you play with companions frequently? Do you desire to construct an empire? Then you should be playing this game!!!



Realistic and most imaginary 3d first-person battles - On the battlefield, you can personally engage in combat with up to 300 other individuals. It could be a port storm, the capture of a village, a conflict in an open field, or the siege of a city or castle. You can command your warband and construct combat formations. Battles involve a variety of soldier categories, including spearmen, swordsmen, archers, crossbowmen, and knights.

A  bel-trencher of fortresses

The largest sieges of fortresses - the most enormous sieges of fortifications You can participate in person in the assault on the citadel. The siege is executed with remarkable realism, incorporating siege structures, catapults, and rams. You will be bombarded with arrows by the defenders as you advance the siege weapons against the walls.

Global Map

The largest global map - Twenty of the most substantial nations that existed during the Middle Ages are depicted on the largest global map. You can quickly assume command of military campaigns by joining any of them. It is plausible to establish an independent nation-state; nevertheless, exercise prudence in your political deliberations, as even the smallest of your steps could precipitate a global conflict.

Armour and armament

A spiritual spirit and weapons quantum - You are granted the ability to utilise an extensive assortment of armour, including helmets, suits, footwear, and shields. Weapons-wise, you will discover anything to your liking, including spears, swords, maces, axes, clubs, crossbows, javelins, darts, and even hurling axes. Sharpen your blade and prepare to fight!!!


The most epic online battles - You and a companion will have the opportunity to wave swords in this game. An international player pool will attempt to defeat you. You are free to equip your character with any type of weapon and armour in online mode.


Build your empire - You will begin at zero and possess nothing; eventually, you will successfully conquer your first profitable city. When an entity possesses a multitude of cities and fortresses, it will provoke war from neighbouring states that perceive it as a threat. During sieges and intense conflicts, you will crush your opponent. The Lords will adore you, the cities will weep before you, and the bannerlords shall bear your banner!!!


The most realistic and well-developed skill system -  possesses the most practical and meticulously designed skill system. The trajectory of your character development is entirely within your control. Five fundamental abilities will enable you to ascertain the nature of your character: will it be robust and nimble, intelligent and diligent, or charismatic? You will be required to track your hero's development of an additional 30 abilities. You may always visit the tavern and employ companions to assume some of your responsibilities if you are unable to complete the necessary skill development.


Landscapes Realistic - Are Realistic You will engage in combat on a variety of terrains and in various regions of the world. The winter is frigid in the north and scorching in the south; if one engages in combat in a mountainous region, one will inevitably encounter mountains on the battlefield. The incorporation of realistic atmospheric conditions will transport you to the midst of combat.

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