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1.072 For Android
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พ.ค. 17, 2567
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Android 8.0+

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On select NVIDIA SHIELD and Tegra 4 devices, the mediaeval action role-playing strategy game Mount&Blade Warband is now accessible. This is a port of the PC version with all features enabled. A gamepad is needed.
Calradia is a land in a state of conflict, luring mercenaries and adventurers who seek to shed blood on its territory with even greater perils and treasures. Unknown strangers can establish themselves as warriors or construct the legacy of rulers with bravery and a formidable sword.

  • Sandbox-style free-form gameplay. You are granted unrestricted access to a world comprising over a hundred distinct locations, such as cities, castles, and villages. Achieve the position of faction leader and persuade nobles to submit to your authority.
  • By awarding your companions territories, you elevate them to vassals.
  • Intelligent and highly sophisticated sword-fighting systems.
  • Innovative foot and mounted combat. Employ an extensive assortment of mediaeval weapons, each endowed with distinct attributes.
  • When the adversary approaches, switch to employing a javelin as a short spear, as opposed to the majority of throwing weapons.
  • One may assume the role of an isolated explorer, a military commander, or the proprietor of cities, castles, or villages.
  • You will be tested in combat and in your strategic planning by advanced AI.
  • The ability to freely engage with countless characters.
  • Battles in multiplayer can involve up to 64 participants. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle, and Siege are all multiplayer modes.
  • Participate in multiplayer matches on both randomly generated and custom-made maps.
  • System for multiplayer equipment: Earn money through combat with foes or by achieving objectives.
  • Wed a lady of the realm for the sake of romance or ruthless political gain. Attempt to capture the affections of a lady through poetry or valour.
  • Soldiers will splinter and flee a unit if the morale of the unit falls too low.
  • Gather any projectile from the battlefield to augment your arsenal.
  • Motion-captured animations of realistic combat.


Hardware and Blade Bannerlord Game of Thrones APK is an outstanding action and strategy game that immerses players in the enigmatic realm of the Middle Ages.
Mount and Blade APK is a game that strategy and action enthusiasts should give a try. Enter the realm of classic amusement and ascend to the status of the game's heroic figure.

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