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App By:
Sparkine Labs
Version: For Android
Updated On:
เม.ย. 23, 2567
25 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Explore the colorful universe of Always On Edge Music Lighting APK, an app that gives the display on your mobile a dynamic touch while you listen to music. This Android software turns your Google Play experience into a visual concert and was created for mobile fans. Among the many apps available, Sparkine Labs' product sticks out because it animates your screen with captivating edge lighting and visual effects that precisely match your favorite music. Whether you want to add some flair to your phone or find a different way to listen to music, Always On Edge Music Lighting provides an immersive solution that turns the commonplace into something spectacular.
This is the first software of its kind: Muviz Edge lets you listen to music from your favorite music apps while a Live Music Visualizer appears around the edges of your screen. Even better, our fascinating Always on Display Screens collection comes with edge illumination.
With its edge-to-edge rounded screen, it's the ideal music companion for adding edge music lighting to your modern devices.

Accommodates popular music apps

Whether the music is streaming or offline, enjoy audio visualizer with songs from different music apps.

  • Constantly on Show
    With our Always on Display screensaver function, you may keep using Edge Visualizer even after the screen has been switched off.
    Our collection of AODs is expanding, and they can be utilized separately or in conjunction with our visualizers.
  • Our built-in editor allows for full customization of Always on Displays.
  • You are able to customize your own AOD backdrops.
  • A few AODs are Nothing (2) iOS-style AOD Screensaver for iPhone The star field of AOD Screensaver for Android 14 AOD in conjunction with the live Moon phase
    Concentric Clock in Half Concentric Circle AOD Screensaver Pixel Clock Screensaver AOD for Google Pixel Nothing for AOD Screensaver (1) AOD Solar System Clock with Screensaver
  • Screensaver AOD - Eclipse Clock
  • Screensaver for AOD Flip Clock AOD 12-Hour Android Screensaver
  • Screensaver Text Clock AOD
  • Screensaver for AOD Nike Watch Face Animation
  • Screensaver AOD Blinky AOD Screensaver: 
  • Vintage 8-bit Timepiece Coming soon: 
  • AOD Screensaver and more.

Personalized Design Packs

You can personalize the app to fit your style and it includes responsive visualizer design packs made especially for screen edges. As you proceed, get ready to experience brand-new designs!

An abundance of color palettes

You can alter the visualizer colors in the app in a variety of ways.
Choose hues from a range of pre-made color schemes.
Utilize hues from the album cover, cover art, or album art of the song that is presently playing.
Apply colors based on the current album art automatically.
Put in your personal color scheme.
Store every striking color scheme in your library of palettes.

Control Options for the Visualizer

Ability to choose which music sources to visualize.
When the visualizer is engaged, there is an option to dim the background and keep the screen on.
The ability to conceal the visualizer over fullscreen apps. (As you watch videos and play games)
Ability to choose which apps to display as a visualizer.

Protection from Burn-in

Our AODs have better pixel shifting built in to keep AMOLED screens from burning in.
Having problems? Please email us at [email protected] without delay.


Setting out on an adventure with Always On Edge Music Lighting turns your gadget into a lighthouse of creative expression and interactive art. The special fusion of edge illumination, visualizers, and modifiable features guarantees that the music you love is as lively and active as your mobile experience. Get this software to witness music come to life on your screen, adding eye-catching effects to each beat so that you can do more than just listen to it. The Always On Edge Music Lighting MOD APK is a must-have for anyone wishing to add a little more color to their digital world, as it fulfills all of your needs—be it improving your music listening experience, personalizing the appearance of your phone, or just having a more engaging interaction with it.

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