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2.11.0 For Android
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мар 04, 2024
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Android 6.0+

You wake up and find yourself at that old familiar place, your student years. The intense workload and stifling surroundings are making it difficult for you to breathe, but then by happenstance, a stray cat finds its way into your life.

How come? Was that sweet, loving cat a bashful boy? This time, what kind of life are you going to choose?

Make your cat-eared youth feel at home: Together, you can nurture little animals, cook, and decorate. In the summer, you can have cold watermelon combined with a spoon, and in the winter, you can cuddle up on the couch and watch classic films. This is the place where you can live the life you've always imagined...

Start a New Tale

Comics that interact are used to tell this story. To move forward, you'll need to think things out and make decisions. When the cat you adopt transforms into a human, how would you respond? What attire are you planning to wear on your springtime excursion?

You will have opportunities to learn more about your cat-eared youth with each encounter. You will have the opportunity to go closer to your dream each time you give it your all. Every decision you make will affect how the story unfolds. What decisions will you then make?

Owning Your Own Home

You can furnish your own home any way you choose! The large floor-length window is present. You can stock the house with your pets' belongings and your preferred furniture. It also features a small garden where a variety of plants can be grown!

You can wrap up in your rocking chair every time the warm sunlight streams into the house and enjoy watching the dogs and cats play blissfully in the garden.

The Pleasures of Parenting Cats Online

Are you unable to raise the pets you want for any particular reason? You no longer have to worry about your mother forbidding you from raising cats because you now own a small home! Raising cats is a difficult undertaking, what with bathing them, drying their hair, and playing with them. Please help out!

Beautiful Clothes

For many girls, the question "What on Earth was I wearing last year?" is a common one. But there's no reason to worry in this case! You can try on over a hundred clothes right now! Try wearing different styles than you usually wear with bravery—changing clothes might inspire various stories! Ah? If a boy is put in a dress, I wonder what type of story that will become.

Examine the Social Circles of the Cats

What would your cat say to you if they could speak? WeCat is an enigmatic location where you may discover more about the humorous anecdotes and mysteries from your cats' everyday lives. Will you opt to participate in the fun with your kitty companions or remain a silent spectator?

The Device that Captures

You didn't think that a claw machine would catch cats, did you? You can have them if you catch them! What? Do these felines have distinct personalities and occupations? In addition, there is a tonne of decorations, trinkets, and refreshments including macarons, strawberry custard and boba milk tea. There are tonnes of delicious nibbles! When all of them are in the house, I wonder what that will be like.

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