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Version: For Android
Updated On:
jan 24, 2024
133 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

What's fresh?

The otherworldly magician Ming made his appearance.

Stuart, the red-eyed madman who became a champion again.

Modify the maps and highlight the advantages.

Modify the dictator Caesar's look and authority.

Caesar invented this new ability.

Historical arena: win and win by skills!

Come together with your group in the brand-new, free 5v5 arena!

On Garena Lien Quan Mobile's renowned MOBA Esports 5v5 arena, you can challenge millions of other players by asserting yourself, standing by your friends, and engaging in numerous epic 5v5 battles. The outcome of each match is determined by skill!

In the well-known MOBA Esports PC game, join Clan Alliances to battle together and become a legend.

Pick a legitimate moniker right away, enter the illustrious Garena Lien Quan Mobile MOBA Esports 5v5 scene, and establish your name globally!

Features of Liên Quân Mobile APK:

Various game styles, enjoy the combat

In addition to the 5v5 map, players are free to explore various personalized maps with friends, including random 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1, as well as unique, awesome, and cost-free game modes that are updated very quickly. like Garena The auto chess game series' Lien Quan Chess/Lien Quan Chess has been made available.

Never-ending conflict and skill comparison

In classic MOBA Esports fashion, victory is determined by three and only three crucial elements that guarantee perfect fairness: abilities, allies, and strategies. Let's pick an Alliance in the game and get into a swift battle. Let your talent make us legendary!

Play for free, anywhere, at any time.

Download games incredibly quickly. In an instant, locate a match and engage in combat. You have the option of playing the incredibly appealing auto chess mode or the 5v5 battlefield. Play Garena Lien Quan Mobile anytime, anywhere, for just $10 per match—special, lightning-fast Lien Quan matches are free!

Easy to use and simple to get used to

There are just two virtual keypads in the intricate, minimalist control scheme. To be prepared to take on any combat, players will only need to use two fingers and less than five seconds of experience! Extremely quick speed and controllable.

Easy communication and audio chat that's convenient

Real-time audio chat and a customizable rapid chat suite are included in the system. The communication speed will increase in convenience and quickness as the game proceeds. Don't forget to speak with your Clan Alliance via voice chat.

Participate in rankings and take on the elite

Whoa, whoa... At the end of the round, a few shots can decide who wins or loses. Participate in the intense MOBA Esports competition and display your bravery on the storied Garena Lien Quan Mobile Rankings. Locate lightning-fast Lien Quan fights and lightning-fast class matchups.

Garena Lien Quan Mobile is the only place to find exclusive brand cooperation champions and costumes.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Kirito, and Asuna from Sword Art Online, Ultraman outfits, Murad MTP school idol, and many more well-known partners have contributed high-quality champions and costumes.

What The Game's Title

Garena Lien Quan Mobile VN, a free multiplayer game that is well-known worldwide, is also referred to as Garena Arena of Valor, AOV, or ROV. It is played in Vietnam. Gamers in Vietnam frequently refer to it as Lien Quan, LQ, or Lien Quan mobi.

Garena Lien Quan Mobile VN is always adding new and varied modes: Lien Quan Chess (also known as Dignity Chess), Duplicate Duel on the incredibly light Low poly map, and Pinnacle Duel raise the bar for ranking The original game champions are employed in the auto chess mobile series, which is incredibly simple to learn and play.

Garena Lien Quan Mobile: Together, let's make history

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