iScreen MOD APK

download iScreen MOD APK 2024

App By:
shaojie shi
1.8.74 For Android
Updated On:
mai 22, 2024
200.2 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

You can customise your home screen in ways never before possible with iScreen.
Photos, to-do lists, X-panels, countdown days, minimalist clocks, glow tube clocks, astronaut dials, task clocks, calendars, quotations, small goals, habit formation, today's step count, sleep duration, and more are among the already-supported universal desktop widgets with free combinations of over 200 widgets.

Unique Features:

  • Support glass replication, fully transparent small components, a blank design, an in-stylish aesthetic, and a more liberated design theme are all included.
  • It facilitates the automated substitution of desktop wallpaper, allows for the customization of additions and imports, and prevents daily resampling, promoting freshness.
  • Drawer-style wallpaper creation application; user-generated wallpaper; widgets that are translucent and devoid of text for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Exceptional wallpaper resources, assistance with wallpaper enhancement, and the ability to create customized wallpapers.

Apply iScreen

  • The home interface is straightforward to navigate and can be completed in minutes.
  • Practical components that possess a variety of functions and can be called at any moment;
  • Specifications for large, medium, and small component sizes to accommodate specific requirements;
  • Put as many desktop widgets as you desire; there is no restriction on the quantity.
  • Avoid rigidity with the design; compact components enable complete transparency!

There are additional aesthetically pleasing and customized desktop themes awaiting your design.

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