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1.10.98 voor Android
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Android 5.1+

Most of the population was wiped out in a matter of days by a devastating, unexplained virus epidemic, and the sickness is still spreading. After running onto the streets in a state of panic, they discovered that their homes had been replaced by a post-apocalyptic wasteland where zombies and toxic monsters prowled the streets. Infrastructure has been devastated, and civilization as a whole has disintegrated. When families fled into the forest, they were split up.

You are alone in this terrible end of the world! The only thing that matters is "SURVIVE". For what length of time can you stay out there?

You have the globe to explore!

Create a lifelike self-avatar and set out on an incredible, expansive journey by exploring every square inch of one of the biggest maps ever created. Explore icy forests in the highlands or raid cities, bunkers, and other places populated with the wandering dead. You can encounter various environments, landscapes, weather conditions, and time zones thanks to the game features that recreate authentic geographic and climate circumstances in North America. Build yourself a final shelter on this fallen continent and face many unanticipated and serious duties in a life after the end of the world!

It's time to set new guidelines and orders!

The fittest will survive! Try your survival abilities by gathering uncommon but necessary resources left over from the world of civilization, as well as by locating food and water. Gather and fish, cut down trees, mine, hunt, and gather resources to get enough leverage to make it through the final days of survival and maybe position yourself as the most powerful of the remaining survivors. Only the strongest will survive in the open, after all!

Cutlasses out, ready to battle!

Take down hordes of mutant zombies and eliminate all manner of dangerous beasts. The look and mode of attack of each infected person varies based on the paths of mutation. As the final survivor, pay attention and use a prudent plan to get rid of and get out of the decaying state!

The other human gamers that are still alive are your strongest adversaries! Whether in a 1vs1 or alliance conflict, don't enter into the dead blindly. Instead, grasp your weapon tight, remain alert, and keep a lookout for other survivalists passing by. There's often a thin line separating a trustworthy buddy from a potential threat.

When we work together, we succeed!

Establish yourself first by building a home for yourself and making use of available resources by engaging in tasks like construction, planting, breeding, and horse taming. In this zombie apocalypse, form alliances with other survivors, construct a society, and develop. Together with the other survivors, fight back against a hostile onslaught. We can only make it through these final days on Earth as a team!

Explore the enigma surrounding the end of the world!

You'll encounter a variety of objectives, riddles, and puzzles in this action-packed survival odyssey. Solve them to reveal the reality of the broken world and preserve the last vestige of civilization. Maybe the fall of humanity and its annihilation was no coincidence! Additionally, you might come across more hints to track down your family!

This is your last chance to survive Crisis X!

REMEMBER: A network connection is necessary.

You can play and download CrisisX for free. It is also possible to buy certain in-app things with real money. You can turn off in-app purchases in the settings of your device.

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