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App By:
GMobiler Apps
5.2.4 For Android
Updated On:
mei 25, 2024
60.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 6.0+

Accordion Piano is a comprehensive accordion application designed for smartphones and devices. Its interface is highly customizable, allowing you to optimize its placement on your device's screen.
Furthermore, have you considered recording your instrumentals to share them with your friends? This is feasible and exceedingly straightforward with an accordion piano.
In Accordion Piano, you can replicate a variety of accordions from major brands worldwide by simply changing the switches, just like an actual accordion!
The Accordion Piano features high-definition accordion noises that were recorded from professional accordions in a studio.
Discover the accordion basses with our innovative "Automatic Rhythms" system. This feature allows you to create a sequence of chords, select a rhythm, and have the application execute it on the accordion basses automatically. This allows you to train the melodies and harmonies of the accordion basses and learn new rhythms, all with accurate compass measurements at the appropriate time.

Key Features:

  • High-quality audio. Listen to the sound in the same way as an authentic accordion.
  • 7 registers are pre-installed and prepared for operation.
  • Exclusive Automatic Rhythms system that will assist you in acquiring a deeper understanding of the accordion.
  • The recording and reproduction of your own instrumentals.
  • Highly customizable layout. Determine the dimensions of the keys, basses, and keyboard positions, as well as the disposition inclination of the basses, the distances between them, and any other potential settings.
  • The controls are user-friendly and allow for the adjustment of sound volumes, the display of note suggestions, and the configuration of keyboard and bass scrolling.
  • Utilise "Key Pressure" to adjust the volume in accordance with the pressure applied to the keys.
  • Activate the device's vibration feature when a key is pressed. Adjust the "Sustain" in the keys and basses. Modify the manner in which the noises fade out. In addition to other modifications.


Accordion APK is not merely an application; it serves as an entryway to musical exploration on your Android device. It invites users of all talent levels to discover the joy of accordion music through its intuitive design and robust features. The app's transformative power not only improves musical abilities but also enriches the musical landscape on mobile platforms.
The Accordion app is a first step towards a world of rhythmic possibilities for anyone who is intrigued by the accordion or pursuing a new musical adventure. Begin your musical voyage today and witness the transformation of your Android device into a musical powerhouse with this application.


Q. Is the Accordion APK compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

A. Accordion APK is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, enabling users to experience its features irrespective of their preferred platform.

Q. Is it possible to attach my MIDI accordion to the Accordion APK?

A. Certainly, Accordion APK supports MIDI connectivity, which enables users to connect their MIDI accordions and use them as controllers for the application.

Q. Is there a tutorial or lesson available for novices in the Accordion APK?

A. Although Accordion APK does not presently provide built-in tutorials or lessons, numerous online resources can assist novice users in navigating the application.

Q. Is it possible to play along with my favorite tunes using the Accordion APK?

A. Accordion APK does indeed support the playback of MIDI files, which enables users to play along with their preferred melodies and backing tracks.

Q. Is there a free edition of Accordion APK available?

A. Both free and premium versions of Accordion APK are available. The free version provides fundamental features, while the premium version unlocks additional functionality and content.

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