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다운로드 Disputazo Politico APK 2024

앱 작성자:
2.0 Android 용
필수 안드로이드:
Android 6.0+

In the brief one-on-one combat game Disputazo Político, you take on the presidential candidates of Mexico.

There are two game modes available: arcade and campaign.

In order to win the campaign, you select a candidate to debate each of his rivals in campaign mode. To maintain your lead, you need to defeat your rivals, take up their challenges, and accumulate points.

Except the candidate the player selects, the opponents' order of presentation reflects the actual preferences of the pre-candidates. After all, it is the player's responsibility to lead the candidate from the bottom to victory.

Select the campaign's duration, collect silver or gold stars, use every character available to acquire all the stars, and your character will wear the presidential sash.

In the arcade mode, you can play for free debates and simply collect points by exchanging coins for the privilege to play with any character you desire, along with that character's opponent, and by selecting whether to play in a daytime or nighttime situation.

Take pictures of the debaters during the match and send them to your Facebook friends.

To compete with your Facebook friends to be the best, invite them to play Disputazo Político!

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