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App By:
Android Hacker
0.18.2 For Android
Updated On:
8 29, 2023
7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

By installing modules that let you change your programs and even the operating system, the Xposed Framework is a development that enables users to further personalize their Android devices and give them a completely new user experience. Is that its only flaw? Because you require superuser capabilities, you must root your mobile device.

Extreme Android customization using VirtualXposed

Fortunately, there are other developments besides rovo89's that let you do this. Similar software, developed by the Chinese programmer Weishu, enables you to install Xposed modules, unlock the bootloader, and change the system image without requiring root access to your phone. Although its capabilities are obviously slightly more constrained than those of Xposed Framework, it is still worthwhile to give VirtualXposed a try.

This software, which has the appearance of a straightforward launcher, enables the creation of virtual or parallel spaces where you can run the APKs of any application as though they were plugins. With the help of these modules or plugins, you may change the OS and the applications you copy, eliminate adverts from apps, get YouTube videos, have more control over your chat messages, pretend to be somewhere else on the GPS, and do a lot more.

What modules is VirtualXposed capable of installing?

You may access all of them on the service's official website, but these are the most intriguing ones:

  • XInsta: a is an Instagram alternative that offers extra features like the ability to download videos and copy comments.
  • YouTube Adway: A more pristine YouTube client.
  • Disable-FLAG_SECURE: A service called forces screenshots in programs that don't support them.
  • Minminguard: A module called purges apps of advertising and any potential leftover spaces.
  • Various WeChat plugins enhance chatting by adding automatic answers, batch message deletion, or automatic translations.
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