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App By:
Sierra Game
4 For Android
Updated On:
4 18, 2024
98.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

The ideal vehicle for creating, repairing, adjusting, maintaining, and simulating a permadeath life is MY SUMMER CAR. With hundreds of loose components at the beginning of the game, you must build the engine and the car. You need to take care of yourself in addition to your car. Beer, sausages, and napping will suffice.

If all goes according to plan, you'll have a functional vehicle for all the summertime pleasures you can enjoy in the Finnish countryside in the 1990s. Essentially acting foolishly while intoxicated. Once you've saved up some cash from odd jobs here and there, you can use the parts you ordered through snail mail to tune and improve the vehicle. You can restore it to its original factory specs or convert it into a loud bass-boom dance machine. You can even use it as a rally car to compete in rallies. Naturally, the car must pass the inspection as well, or else you risk getting in problems with the law.

You have not only one car at your disposal but multiple additional vehicles as well. (Again, mostly helpful for grabbing groceries and pulling the project car out of a ditch).

This game is not for the faint of heart, so be warned. Because of its careful approach to car building, this game requires a serious case of car fever to play well.

  • Hundreds of parts make up a whole automotive assembly.
  • Extensive driving and engine emulation
  • Other automobiles, boats, and vehicles to use and operate
  • paved and dirt highways spanning dozens of kilometers with AI traffic
  • sporadic jobs to pay for petrol, food, and drink expenses
  • Come together to take part in the eternal death
  • Permanent death 
  • Sauna bathing of the 
  • Finnish summer of the 1990s!
  • Support for shifter controllers and the steering wheel
  • Much more!

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