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7.1.0 アンドロイド用
Android 5.0+

The Knuddels chat to find friends and meet people.

Your messenger and chat app to play, and chat with friends in diverse chat rooms:

  • Active community
  • Cult since 1999
  • Meet more than 330,000 monthly active people
  • Find friends easily in over 400 chat rooms
  • Over 100 games

Do you want to meet new people?

With the Knuddels Messenger & Chat app, you get the complete package. In our chat rooms, you can chat with nice people, have an exciting flirt or find your best friend.

Finding friends made it easy.

Over 330,000 monthly active members of our chat community are looking forward to meeting you. Meet new people now with whom you can chat and play to your heart's content. Maybe you too will find one of your favorite people in the Knuddels chat app.

Knuddels Chat App: Meet new people now.

In our chat, you can meet new people, play cool chat games, and chat with your friends. You might even find a boyfriend or girlfriend for life! Knuddels is one big family with many different interests.

Play chat games together with friends.

World tour, Picasso & Co. More than 100 exciting and fun chat games are now available at Knuddels. Play together with your friends or meet new people in the game and use the messenger to stay in touch with them.

Cult Chat since 1999

Making friends was made easy. For over 20 years now Knuddels has been bringing people together who want to meet people, play chat games or flirt. So if you were wondering, "What? Knuddels, the chat from the 2000s with Butler James still exists?" you're exactly right.

We have been pursuing one goal since 1999: to create a unique and open chat community, where people treat each other with respect, just like in a good friendship, and maintain a family-like atmosphere.

The members of our community are guided by four basic values to have a good time together:

  • Having fun together
  • Considerate interaction
  • Helpfulness
  • Friendliness

Discover new Knuddel features now.

To make it easy for our members to meet new people in our messenger and chat app, we've built the following features for you, among others:

  • Chat in Knuddels Messenger
  • Meet new people easily with our themed chat rooms
  • Over 100 chat games: Play Mafia or other chat games with our community and use Messenger to chat with your fellow players.
  • Do you like drawing? Knuddels is not just a chat app, it's a chat community! In the chat game Picasso, you can draw with new friends and chat at the same time.

Curious? Try Knuddels directly and find new friends easily! Become part of Germany's biggest chat community now! The most uncomplicated way to chat, flirt & meet people.

Google Playアプリの追加情報:

Knuddels APK はリリースされたばかりで、数時間で人気が出てきました。 Google Playストアの5つ星のうち の評価が正です。 Google Playストアの カテゴリに含まれています。このアプリは軽量のアプリケーションです。だから、スペースを心配しないでください。

Knuddels APK は、世界中のAndroidユーザーがお気に入りのコンテンツを1か所で無料で読むために Knuddels によって開発および提供されています。

Knuddels APK の良い点は、ユーザーの毎日のビジネスエピソードを更新することです。このアプリでは見つからない最新バージョンを探している場合は、アップロードするようリクエストできます。