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ダウンロード Cargo Simulator 2019 Türkiye APK 2023

1.61 アンドロイド用
Android 5.0+

The first truck driving simulator with a real Turkey map and scaled-down cities is Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey.

On a sizable map, you can drive a variety of trucks and trailers for a distinctive driving experience. Each delivery helps you stay inside your budget and buy new vehicles.

From west to east, you will travel through every city in Turkey, beginning in Ankara.

With its sophisticated physics engine and lifelike truck and trailer models, the game offers the best truck driving experience possible.

During your travels, you might stop by the roadside dealerships to look at the numerous trucks for sale.

The transportation of a variety of commodities, such as food, gasoline tankers, chemicals, concrete, or other construction equipment including excavators, loaders, and dozers, is included in the game.

In this simulation, you must drive carefully to avoid damaging the cargo. Damages could reduce the revenue you receive from the deliveries.

Future updates to Cargo Simulator 2019: Turkey will add even more fun features.

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