Pancake Swap APK

download Pancake Swap APK 2024

1.0.0 For Android
Updated On:
Apr 16, 2024
8.3 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.1+

The selection of the people

The top decentralized exchange on BSC, PancakeSwap, has the greatest market trading volumes.

Minimal costs

Why spend extra money? Compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin, PancakeSwap operates on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which has substantially reduced transaction fees.

There's a double benefit for you because trading fees are lower than on other leading decentralized exchanges!


Trade straight from the wallet application.

You maintain complete ownership of your cryptocurrency on PancakeSwap, unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, where they retain your funds while you trade.

Stake CAKE to gain free tokens and earn tokens with Syrup Pools. It really is that simple.

Right now, large projects are giving CAKE holders free tokens worth tens of millions of USD per week. Every day, new projects join the celebration, extending your earning potential.

Acquire Trading Commissions

Not a farm? Not an issue. Staking your tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs) allows you to receive trading fees even if the Farms page does not accept your trading pair.

Collectibles NFT

Gain exclusive NFTs by taking part in trading contests and other entertaining activities.


If you can correctly estimate a rise or decline in the price of BNB, you will win BNB.

Every five minutes, new rounds begin!

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