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GPS Map Camera
1.4.41 For Android
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Apr 18, 2024
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Android 5.1+

Searching for photos or memories from your trip to a specific location? You may enhance your camera photos with date and time, map, latitude, longitude, weather, magnetic field, compass, and my altitude by using the GPS Map camera stamp program.

Use the GPS Map Camera application to geotag images and add GPS position to track both your current location and photos that you've taken. Share your most memorable Earth trip experiences with your family and friends by sending them your geotagged location of the Street / Place added images.

How can I add a GPS location to a photo?

Put in a GPS map camera: Use the GPS location app on your smartphone to geotag photos.

Select Advance or Classic Templates after opening the camera. Set up the stamp formats and settings to suit your needs for a GPS map location stamp.

Automatically add GPS geolocation stamps to the photos you take.

Interesting Features:

Purchase a bespoke GPS camera with support for capturing sound, grid, ratio, front and selfie cameras, flash, focus, mirror, and timer.

Select Automatic or Manual for the Photo Map data.

Stamp details are automatically obtained in the Classic Template.

Section on Advance Template:

  • Options for custom maps: Alter the type of photo map from Terrain, Satellite, Normal, and Hybrid.
  • Address: Enter the Manual or Automatic location you've chosen on the picture.
  • Lat/Long: Decimal Options for GPS: Set GPS Coordinates from DMS Mark
  • Date & Time: Add a date and time as an image tag, using several forms.
  • Brand: Add your company's logo.
  • Note: Remember to write relatable Remarks
  • Hashtags: This GPS app allows you to add hashtags relevant to your images.
  • Climate: expressed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, Temperature Unit Measurement
  • Compass: Direction of the auto compass
  • Magnetism: Automatic magnetic field Specifics
  • Wind: Determine the speed of the wind
  • Humidity: Automatic measuring of humidity
  • Pressure: Determine the location's pressure.
  • Altitude: The altitude will be computed automatically.
  • Accuracy: Obtain automatic image accuracy

Why is the Handy GPS Camera app on your phone installed?

  • To add a GPS map location stamp to images, click to obtain a satellite map stamp.
  • Use the date and geotag stamps to capture focused shots.
  • With the help of this GPS position tracker app, locate a geotagged camera photo location stamp all in one area.
  • To Add Date Timestamp, which serves as a date stamper and timestamp simultaneously
  • Add the date to your images by using it as a date-time camera app.
  • acts as a GPS note camera that makes it simple to add GPS information to images
  • Add the address, date, time, location, longitude, and latitude stamps to your photos.

Use Photos as a GPS tracker

  • Obtaining a location picture stamp using a basic camera GPS
  • Custom stamps on the camera timestamp allow for customized detail addition
  • obtaining a GPS stamp with the location's camera360 data
  • "How can I include my GPS coordinates in a photo?" The app functions as a coordinate finder.
  • To modify the location address, manually add the GPS location to the stamp.

Use a nighttime camera to capture clear images.

  • The Most Effective Use For The Following Categories of Individuals:
  • Travelers and adventurers can make good use of the geotagging camera app.
  • It is simple for those in the real estate, infrastructure, and architectural industries to add a GPS map location stamp to their site photos.
  • People celebrating milestones like weddings, anniversaries, festivals, and other events at their destination can use the app as a moment camera and include their current GPS location in the photo.
  • The app is available to anyone who wishes to utilize their snapshot as a GPS note cam by adding GPS details.
  • Travel, food, fashion, and art bloggers can enhance their experiences by adding GPS location with GPS Map Cam to those attending out-of-town meetings, conferences, conclaves, meetups, and events organized by businesses or institutions that solve and serve a specific purpose.

You HAVE to download GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location App right away to play with these interesting features.

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