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Unduh Age of History 2 APK 2023

Aplikasi oleh:
Łukasz Jakowski
1.01586_ELA untuk Android
Diperlukan Android:
Android 4.0+

Age of History II APK is an essential Android platform game for my teachers to add to the strategy, politics and war games they love. Your goal is to fight your enemies on the map, protect your land and expand your borders controlled by the state administration. Due to financial problems and common troubles in the Age of History II APK Jurassic, I am offering Mod APK which is an unlimited money scam so you can fully enjoy the game, strengthen your army and cities and stay invincible. 

Politics, decisions against other countries, your military might and more are waiting for you. The Ottoman states, Turkey and many other countries are waiting for your administration. New scenarios have been added to the Age of History II APK and a failure regime has been added. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers. The History II is 15.49TL on the Play Store, it has more than 20,000 downloads.

About Age of History II APK

Age of History II APK is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

Your objective is to use military tactics and cunning diplomacy to either unify the world or conquer it.

Will the world bleed out or bow before you? The choice is yours..

Approach to the History

Age of History II goes through the whole history of humanity, Age by Age, beginning in the Age of Civilizations and leading into the far future

Historical Grand Campaign

Play as many Civilizations ranging from the largest empire to the smallest tribe, and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind

Features of Age of History II APK

  • Detailed map of the world with many historical borders
  • The deeper diplomatic system between Civilizations
  • Peace treaties
  • Revolutions
  • Create own History using in-game editors
  • Hotseat, play with as many players as Civilizations in scenario!
  • Terrain Types
  • More detailed diversity of Populations
  • End game time-lapses

Create your own world and play it!

  • Scenario Editor, create their own historical or alternate history scenarios!
  • Civilization Creator
  • Flag maker
  • Wasteland Editor


- New scenario: Victorian Era, 1836

- New scenario: Ancient Greece

- 99% loading bug fix - If doesn't help game data/cache need to be cleared

- Rewritten system of saves in-game for more stability

- New scenario: Napoleonic wars 1792

- New: Minimum army to attack and capture any province must be over 10 units

- It's possible to rotate the game in landscape mode

- Modern World and WW2 scenario optimization! Now, AI makes its moves much faster!

- Music is back! All 29 tracks!

Informasi Tambahan Google Play untuk Aplikasi:

Age of History 2 APK baru saja dirilis dan menjadi populer dalam beberapa waktu. Ini memiliki peringkat positif dari 5 bintang di Google Play Store. Itu termasuk dalam kategori Google Play Store . Aplikasi ini adalah aplikasi yang ringan. Jadi jangan khawatir tentang ruang.

Age of History 2 APK dikembangkan dan ditawarkan oleh Łukasz Jakowski untuk pengguna Android di seluruh dunia untuk membaca konten favorit mereka di satu tempat secara gratis.

Hal baiknya tentang Age of History 2 APK adalah memperbarui episode bisnis harian untuk pengguna. Jika Anda mencari versi terbaru yang tidak dapat Anda temukan di Aplikasi ini, Anda dapat meminta itu diunggah untuk Anda.

Satu hal yang tertinggal di memori Anda adalah aplikasi ini hanya kompatibel dengan perangkat Android. Orang yang menggunakan sistem operasi lain tidak akan membuang waktu mengunduh aplikasi ini. Itu tidak bekerja untuk mereka. Oleh karena itu, tunggu beberapa saat di masa mendatang hingga sistem operasi dan pengembang lain mengembangkan aplikasi ini. kamu bisa.