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App By:
Kagura Games
1.5.0 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 28, 2024
53 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

A tiny island nation known as Yamato can be found way off in the distance to the east. It used to be tranquil, but today there is a brutal fight going on there.

The Hozuki are a group of enforcers who serve the ruling shogunate and are responsible for maintaining order and getting rid of the shogunate's adversaries.

They wage war against Byakuya, which is an organization that is working toward the destruction of the shogunate, day and night.

Some people work hard to keep the established order, while others work hard to usher in a new age. Those who are known as samurai put everything on the line in order to pursue their objectives.

Mukuro, a Hozuki, is faced with the decision of whether or not she will maintain her allegiance to the shogunate or whether she will have second thoughts that cause her to join Byakuya. Or, she could make the decision to have no faith in anyone and walk her own path as a ronin, answering only to herself.


  • Traditional Role-Playing Game Play
  • A fight Played Out in Turns
  • System for Leveling
  • Exceptional Fantasy Location
  • There are Three Different Story Paths to Explore!
  • The following is how the developers have described the content:
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