Nexomon MOD APK

Download Nexomon MOD APK 2024

5.0.2 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 11, 2024
990.2 MB
Required Android:
Android 8.1+

Unlock the full game for $0.99 by playing for free!
Capture, evolve, and accumulate more than 300 distinctive Nexomon!
Create the ultimate Nexomon team to save the world and your pals! In this epic voyage, you will face off against legendary champions and emerge as a hero.

Key Features:

  • There are more than 300 Nexomon to capture and train.
  • Transform your Nexomon into new and potent forms by evolving it.
  • Can you locate all 15 of the legendary Nexomon, which are both formidable and distinctive?
  • Join an epic quest to defend the universe from the Nexomon King!
  • Engage in combat with formidable adversaries in the Nexoworld.
  • Choose one of seven distinctive entrees.
  • Investigate each of the ten vibrant and colorful regions.
  • Prepare for the most thrilling combat with fully animated monsters!
  • A gaming experience of unparalleled quality!


If you are an enthusiast of role-playing games, it is recommended that you obtain the most recent version of Nexomon Extinction APK. Once you become a member of the Tamer's Guild, you will have the opportunity to investigate a variety of regions that pique your interest.
The world is vast and contains missions that are intended to challenge your abilities. As a result, you can anticipate an exhilarating gaming experience.

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