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Jun 11, 2024
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Four males pretextually demand a relationship in order to facilitate their survival.
"Have you ever considered that if I am unable to obtain it, I may as well ruin you?"
The sound of a voice that was both gentle and silky, yet also foreboding, sent a shiver down Matias' spine.

The man's face was now devoid of any emotion, as he added dryly, and the mirth that had persisted on his face had dissipated.
"You are unable to conceal yourself." I refrain from repeating the same error.

Where did the four men who were devastated go wrong?

Character 1, Adriel 

Hashtag: CrownPrince, TsunderePrince, Handsome

"I believed that I had provided you with sufficient warning."

You are doomed to be consumed for the duration of your presence.

Character 2, Kalcion

Hashtag: GrandDukeoftheNorth, HugePuppy, WoundedSoul, Charming

"...Would it be okay if I make a demanding request?"

"Nothing will be altered." I will simply execute the instructions that have been provided to me.

Character 3, Shamat

Hashtag: Alchemist, Talented, and Handsome

"Why?" I am interested in conducting a thorough examination of your physique.

"Then allow me to demonstrate something that is even more superior." It is a matter of confidentiality between us.

Character 4, Jade

Hashtag: Noble, Witty, Charming

"I think there's nothing better than intense physical contact to open someone's heart."

"I was inquisitive, you know?" How much effort would it require for you to capture my attention?

Opening of the Game

Storytaco has unleashed a fiery BL story game.

In the Western-style regal romance fantasy BL genre, Dirty Crown Scandal: Romance Fantasy BL is an interactive choice game.

Compose your own BL story in Dirty Crown Scandal!

(Warning) The fate of your character is contingent upon your decisions at each moment.

Story of the Game

"You are the Emperor's only son."

Matias, who was leading a mundane yet content existence, abruptly enters the palace as a result of his status as a royal.

"As long as you're here, you're fated to be devoured."

Matias realizes that the palace is not merely a beautiful site upon his arrival at the palace, as if someone were guiding him.

Shadows and chilling orbs greet him.

However, it is already too late to flee.

The tale of those men has already commenced, and it is both eerie and clandestine.

Primary Points

  • A mature romance narrative intended for mature audiences!
  • A variety of character costumes to facilitate the conclusion you desire!
  • Collect high-quality romantic illustrations with a variety of expressions and increase the favorability of the character!

The Dirty Crown Scandal is recommended for

  • For those who desire to engage in a realistic, women-centric battle royale, the Yaoi romance courting simulation game is an excellent choice.
  • Individuals who desire to interact with sexy and endearing characters in role-playing BL yaoi games that are geared towards women
  • Individuals who are interested in experiencing a visual novel BL yaoi game that is oriented towards women
  • Individuals who desire to observe illustrations that are both immersive and piquant
  • For those who desire to observe all of the BL yaoi endings that are contingent upon the decisions made during the story play
  • Individuals who wish to investigate and select from a variety of alternatives
  • Those who derive pleasure from narrative play, where they can make decisions at crossroads and uncover plot twists
  • Individuals who desire to engage in yaoi romance simulation games that are LGBTQ+
  • Individuals who desire to interact with attractive male characters in women-oriented BL yaoi story games
  • Individuals who desire to simultaneously engage in BL yaoi romance simulations, otome, and exhilarating thrillers
  • Those who derive pleasure from sensual adult yaoi games for those aged 19 and older
  • Those who derive pleasure from murdering kiss

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