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App By:
EA Publishing
Version: for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.1+
  • The best pack benefits 
  • Instantly unlock Ace and Claire
  • 500 diamonds
  • Five tickets at random

For any true hack & slash enthusiast who has grown tired of aimlessly pressing buttons on the screen, this is a must-try game.

Demon Hunter is an action-packed hack-and-slash game set in a dark fantasy setting. It has amazing boss fights and a unique character control system, along with the ideal amount of RPG components to make your journey truly immersive.

A world full of suffering shadow people that is dark and rough

Everything was covered in the darkness of hell as the horde of dark demons and shadow monsters invaded and destroyed the mortal world. The sounds that could not be endured were the combination of the unceasing screams of those evil creatures and the weeping and mourning of the unlucky few who survived this nightmare.

In this realm, the player will take on the role of a Hunter—someone endowed by the Ancient One with the unique ability to drive out those evil demons.

Shadow hunters must overcome innumerable trials and tribulations to restore light to this mortal realm.

Amazing boss duel

One of the most thrilling parts of Demon Hunter has to be the epic boss battle, whereby the Hunters have to vanquish enormous, dark demons to retrieve their souls and progress to the lowest level of the evil tower and the darkest dungeon.

Those large bosses might quickly destroy any player without a good set of equipment and well-honed skills.

But when players succeed in conquering those obstacles, the amazing emotions they experience will make it all worthwhile.

Moreover, those dark demon souls hold the secret to upgrading hundreds of shadow weapons and equipment, transforming them from mere warrior swords into legendary swords fit for a legend that future generations would revere.

Never-ending difficulties

Players will be able to explore and conquer a PVP arena in addition to over four distinct PVE sections with varying degrees of difficulty in Demon Hunter.

Players begin the game with "Adventure." Even though you have to keep going through it to unlock other game sections, even though it's not the most difficult one, it's the most important one.

"Clock Tower of Challenges," "Boss Mode," and "Altar of the Darkness" can all be unlocked after finishing a certain dungeon level. That's where the real power and skill test takes place. To successfully navigate those obstacles, our shadow hunters will need to develop their shadow equipment, have a thorough understanding of each demon's traits, and perfect their fighting techniques.

In the end, shadow hunters can both free the mortal world from those evil spirits and challenge other shadow creatures to a showdown in abilities and mastery.

Many characters are available to play with

Gamers will have the opportunity to take control of numerous distinct characters, each with special abilities, features, and gameplay. Every character will have their unique gameplay style, combat style, and approach to strategy.

Key Features:

  • fierce hack-and-slash battle.
  • Amazing Boss Battles.
  • You can play several different characters.
  • There are hundreds of weapons and gear to find and improve.
  • 4+ PVP and PVE modes.
  • Play offline at any time or place.

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