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Updated On:
Feb 27, 2024
1.01 GB
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Android 6.0+

In War of Evolution, you can take charge of a species' evolution starting from a tiny organism, all the way up to it becoming an intelligent, sociable being, ruling the planet, and eventually venturing into intergalactic travel as a space-faring species.

The fittest survive

As a single-celled organism at first, you will have complete control over how to develop and endure by consuming lesser organisms and evading predators.

Transform Your Species

From tiny beginnings to numerous stages, including cell, creatures, tribes, civilizations, and space, evolution occurs.As it transforms into something vibrant and distinct that can stand for itself and its kind, assist your creature in surviving the tidal pool.

Personalise Your Animal

Change the spore's appearance, abilities, and shape. Create the most extraordinary creature with your ideas, then present it to the world!

Grow Your Group

The voyage doesn't finish with the primeval tide pools. Use your superior strength or cunning tactics to hunt down your adversaries and get upgradeable gear. Construct your interstellar empire by beginning with a meek spore!

Build, Grow, and Take Over

Create scalable structures for your group as they grow from a small, tranquil town to a busy city and ultimately—reach the stars!

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