download Moy 7 MOD APK 2024

App By:
Frojo Apps
2.175 For Android
Updated On:
شوال 15, 1445
60.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The seventh installment features the return of Moy!

This time, there are some significant adjustments to the user interface and how you interact with Moy's many areas. The game feels lot more lively and engaging than it has in the past, and there is more interaction with the surroundings than ever before.
There are currently more than 95 games and activities to select from. There are numerous games and ways to earn coins, as there always are. There are four categories for the mini-games: racing, puzzles, arcade, and casual. There are also lots of artistic pursuits, including playing the guitar, drums, or piano. You can also pass your time coloring, painting, running a zoo, tending to your garden, saving patients in the role of a doctor, and much more!

The focus of this game is taking care of your Moy. Assist Moy by giving him wholesome food, playing games with him, brushing his teeth, showering him when he becomes dirty, and setting an example for when to go to bed. Your Moy will develop and be happier the more you take care of him.
You may give your Moy new clothes, body colors, haircuts, or even beards by using the coins you earn from playing any of the many mini-games. Additionally, you can spend money on things like home décor, aquarium fish purchases, zoo animal acquisitions, dessert baking supplies, and much more.

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