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صفر 05, 1445
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Android 8.0+

The original DOOM (1993) is being re-released to commemorate DOOM's 25th anniversary, and it now includes the expansion Thy Flesh Consumed. When DOOM was first launched in 1993, it introduced millions of players to the series' frenzied, high-stakes, demon-slaying action.

Anywhere you go, relive the invention of the first-person shooter and enjoy the legendary demon-blasting pleasure that made the genre famous.


It is fairly simple to learn and master the gameplay of DOOM if you have played the previous edition of the game. In essence, players will employ weapons, including firearms and explosives, to eliminate all adversaries in stages. To do that, players must have a firm knowledge of the game's controls, including how to move with the virtual key on the left of the screen and perform the remaining actions on the right. Players must, however, keep in mind the location of buttons like shooting and reloading because they will automatically hide if not used for a while.

Each level, from the easiest to the hardest, has DOOM gameplay. To unlock the subsequent levels, players will take turns completing each level. They encounter a variety of foes in each level, such as hordes of demons and aliens of every size and type. As the game's difficulty rises, players will need to upgrade their skills and weapons. In particular, a gigantic Boss with great strength awaits you on the last level.

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