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다운로드 Seven Sirens MOD APK (One Hit Kill) 2020

앱 작성자:
1.8.0 Android 용
필수 안드로이드:
4.4 and up

Seven Sirens MOD APK - An adult puzzle game that was released a long time ago on Natsu. After a while, the game became popular with many players. It offers a fairly simple puzzle game, but you'll love the picture and the game girls. After upgrading to each version, the game also adds some new features and details. Therefore, it is always beloved by the players. If you are a single person, play the game Seven Sirens. Because this game gives you the opportunity to be satisfied with the feelings of the most beautiful girls.

About Seven Sirens APK

Take a look at past lives through a mysterious portal that can draw you and your soul. Visit every avatar of you and your loved one through the story of each siren - play unique storylines and worlds based on what you choose. From the high schoolers to the contestants of the Empress of Japan to the Competitors of Space Queens - we do it all!

Past, present and future sirens - United! They are all thirsty for your cock and your tail!

Key Features

Active sex scene

Have complete control over how you want to play with your girl

RPG driven puzzle mechanics

Levels and progress through the battlefield

Go to the top of the leaderboard

Fight the World Boss and earn a limited edition prize

Top high-quality voice actress

Immerse yourself in the world of sirens with the best audio voice

The unique story ends for all characters

Whether to save the siren or turn it off depends on your choice

Don't hesitate! Siren wins the world!


You will find a mysterious portal with which you can see the past. You will come back to your past, at every stage, on every other story. From LARPING students, coordinators of Space Pirate Queen to competing commanders in Japan. Each stage will have interesting details in your life. Let every girl win, let her love you and do everything to make you happy!

main function

In terms of gameplay, seven siren games develop into two categories: RPG and puzzle games. You will join the hero of the adventure game in this world who will complete the tasks assigned by the system. You have to fight the desperate boss and win valuable prizes for you. You and the other players will have a ranking system to fight for a higher position.

Like a Match 3 game mode, Seven Sirens is evolving like other games of the same genre. You will find a board with colorful ornament. Your task is to destroy these gems by adding at least 3 identical gems. It can be a wet, a horizontal or a three ornament in both the a and the horizontal directions. If you can add more than 3 rounds at a time, you will get top class combs.

Three unique stories end for all characters. Save or disappear sirens depending on your preference. You can absolutely choose your relationship with the girls in the game. You are in control of all the actions and actions of these girls. And of course, your target will still be very sexy animations and videos of beautiful girls. Create a collection of erotic and erotic images. Immerse yourself in the angel's world with seven sirens with the girls of heavenly bodies!

Installation instructions

  • As a first step, scroll to the end of the article and download the seven siren MOD APK file
  • Next, you need to go to the settings section and allow the application to be installed from unknown sources
  • Find and open the downloaded APK file to continue the installation. The installation process takes less than a minute
  • Once the game is successfully installed, open it. At this point, the system will redirect you to the browser to log in to your Nutaku account. If you do not have an account, you can register and log in there.
  • Once logged in, you can go back to the game and experience it.

Download Seven Sirens MOD APK

The gameplay of Seven Siren is not too difficult, you don't have to think too much about the puzzle level of the game. With just one side of the puzzle screen, your goal in this game is to win the girls and they will follow you unconditionally. You can conquer them Download the game now and start your new life in seven sirens. We bring the Seven Siren Mod APK with God Mode. If you want to play the original without being cheated, please go to the Nutaku link and download it.

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