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ダウンロード MX Video Player Pro 1.20.7 APK (MOD codecs for DTS processing) 2022

3.4 (41)
Music and Video
12 02, 2020
J2 Interactive
1.31.3 アンドロイド用
Android 2.1

MX Video Player Pro APK - One of the most popular free multimedia players for Windows and Android. The vast arsenal supports an incredible number of different file formats, text-compatible videos, external audio tres and other functions. Multimedia Player has a very intuitive user interface.

Initially, you can change various settings: swipe horizontally to the right and left of the touchscreen to resize the volume and brightness and video. Such a scheme is very convenient, but if necessary, the on-screen button control that appears when you press an hour of video can be used.

With the help of the program, you can scan the memory card or internal device of the mobile card in fully automatic mode and try to identify the supported file format. The application can be used in other modes, e.g. Play videos from a web browser on request or video streams from the World Wide Web b. Android application programs have a lot of settings.

The player supports multithread and hardware decoding, simple superblocks, multiple gestures with your fingers. MX Player APK is designed to work with subtitles in dozens of formats. Already MPEG-4, Metroska's video support is not mentioned by all accepted extensions and ends with the long-aged 3GP. If there is an urgent need for this, some codecs in the Android Market need to be downloaded. This mismatched player is considered one of the best players in the Android operating system.

What is MX Player Pro APK?

MX Player Pro APK is a paid version of MX Player that allows you to watch videos and movies without ads.

It offers advanced hardware acceleration, dark themes, gestures, pipe mode, background playback mode, online stream and more.

MX Player Pro APK Features

  • Network stream playback: MX Player APK can stream video files over the Internet, e.g. B. Cloud storage if you have a direct URL. It cannot be streamed from websites like YouTube without very complicated tricks (not worth the effort if you can only use the YouTube app).
  • Continued to play: If you close the app or stop playing in the middle of the video and come back later, the MX Player APK can restart from where it left off - or restart. It is possible. He will ask you who you like.
  • Background audio playback: If you enable this setting, MX Player APK will play your video even if you minimize the application and change it to something else. So you can listen to the address of text messages or see something on the web.
  • Child lock mode: Makes apps impossible to shorten when you want to play videos for your kids, but it prevents them from opening other apps, making calls, and so on.

Subtitle format

  • DVD, DVB, SSA subtitled tracks.
  • Sami (.smi) with ruby ​​tag support.
  • Index alpha in full style.
  • MicroDVD (.SUB)
  • Subrip (.srt)
  • Wobsub (.SUB / .idx)
  • MPL2 (.mpl)
  • Subwear 2.0 (.SUB)
  • Tally text
  • TMPlayer (.txt)
  • WebVTT (.vtt)
  • PJS (.pjs)

MOD Features

  • Remove annoying code to speed up the application
  • Disable analysis
  • Support for ARM and X86 processors
  • All languages ​​except Russian and English have been removed
  • Content is available online

What's new?

  • More compatibility with third-party applications. MX Player APK can now properly queue media files when using third-party applications.
  • This version includes a number of upgrades for MX Share, e.g. B. Share history, invite and more. Try it!

Google Playアプリの追加情報:

MX Video Player Pro Apk はリリースされたばかりで、数時間で人気が出てきました。 Google Playストアの5つ星のうち 3.4 の評価が正です。 Google Playストアの Music and Video カテゴリに含まれています。このアプリは軽量のアプリケーションです。だから、スペースを心配しないでください。

MX Video Player Pro Apk は、世界中のAndroidユーザーがお気に入りのコンテンツを1か所で無料で読むために J2 Interactive によって開発および提供されています。

MX Video Player Pro Apk の良い点は、ユーザーの毎日のビジネスエピソードを更新することです。このアプリでは見つからない最新バージョンを探している場合は、アップロードするようリクエストできます。