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We return to the kingdom of Arathos as it is once more plunged into chaos in this story, which is set ten years after the events of Valiant Force.

The land is now vulnerable to threats from beyond its borders as a result of the loss of the Crystal of Arathos and its protector, Leon Daracan. The citizens of the kingdom are becoming more divided; although some continue to believe in the Hero of Arathos, others denounce him for what they perceive to be a betrayal.

Elise Arkwright enters the scene, a passionately idealistic knight prepared for battle. Elise will face every danger with the help of her pals Felix Vulcan and Maeve Astraea in an effort to restore harmony and stability to the realm.

The Crown, their bonds, and even the very nature of truth will all be called into question as a result of their obligation to the realm.

Valiant Force 2, a highly awaited sequel to the free-to-play online strategy role-playing game, is certain to draw both devoted and new players back to the land of Athos. Use well-known mechanics with some fresh tactical twists to combat demons, rebel knights, and terrifying animals.

Traditional Battle System

Utilize the traditional turn-based fighting system to control the battlefield and outwit your adversaries. The Hero Job System will let you increase your skill set and power level while letting you outfit your Heroes with a variety of gear and runes to suit your playstyle.


On a much broader battlefield, the Aura Trigger mechanism that has characterized Valiant Force's distinctive warfare is back! The key to winning battles is to master new fighting mechanics like Elemental dynamics and Auron Cards.


In an all-new PVP mode, take to the skies and take part in thrilling dogfights where you try to destroy your opponent's Zephyrite-powered airship before they do yours!


Invite seasoned combatants like the tenacious Valiants and evil Dark Lords, as well as fresh faces like the Stormborn League and the shrewd Sons of Midas, to join you on your epic quest.


Explore Arathos beyond the events of the main campaign by engaging in fresh tales and missions that will be regularly released, involving both contemporary and historical characters. The most special gifts go to the most daring explorers!


Enjoy the masterwork of Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto, a renowned Japanese video game composer best known for penning the scores for Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, as you return to a familiar setting.


If you have any problems, please let us know by using the in-game customer service chat feature or one of the following channels:

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