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App By:
Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
1.0.7 for Android
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

The House of Da Vinci trilogy's epic conclusion is at hand! Explore new mysterious places of breathtaking beauty and solve a ton of new riddles and brainteasers. In escape rooms, you can use cunning and observational abilities to uncover the intriguing tale of one of history's most prolific inventors.

You will succeed if you have quick wits and a flexible mindset.


The time has finally come: take up the identity of Giacomo once more and work as Leonardo da Vinci's friend and apprentice. Continue your exploration of the puzzle-filled, secret message-containing, mechanically amazing Renaissance world. Uncover plots involving Italy's most influential individuals while traveling through time and space. Meet old and new adversaries as well as friends. become the center of a scheme that might irrevocably alter history.

Key Features:


Enjoy brand-new puzzles that are original, and investigate hidden components to learn how they work.


Utilize the enigmatic Oculus Perpetua to alter the past, impact your surroundings in the present, and resolve problems that would otherwise be intractable.


Discover new ways to engage with the exquisitely made environment around you. More intuitively than ever before, control Giacomo's behaviors.


Discover stunning new places in Italy and elsewhere. Travel through time and space while looking for hints.


Discover how Giacomo's narrative ends by listening to fully voiced historical figures, watching epic cut scenes, and reading about its last chapter.

3 GB RAM is the bare minimum needed for Android 5.0 or later. If the download was unsuccessful, please clear off any extra media or apps to create room for the game.

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The House of Da Vinci 3 APK was developed and offered by Blue Brain Games s.r.o. for Android users around the world to read their favorite content in one place for free.

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