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The action role-playing game Path to Nowhere incorporates a real-time tower defense mechanic into its gameplay.

You will take over as Chief of MBCC in the year N.F.112, as per your appointment.

We are pleased to have you visit the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. In your role as Chief, you are tasked with putting the most dangerous criminals and sinners under your control in order to prevent the city from collapsing. Keep your eyes fixed on the light even when everything around you may seem hopeless.

Features of Path To Nowhere APK:

How to Stay Alive During the Unnamed End of the World

The Apocalypse is said to have been ushered in by some unexplained meteorites. People who become infected with the Mania virus lose consciousness and change into monstrous forms. Find Providence and prevent the disease from spreading throughout the dismal society.

Hold in custody the Most Badass Criminals

Your inmates are armed with potentially lethal powers and an alluring allure. By subjecting them to various forms of discipline and questioning, you can gain their allegiance and uncover their deepest, most hidden secrets.

Prepare the Most Nuanced Strategy Possible

Timing is of the utmost importance. Make use of your gift to direct the deployment of, and access to, the abilities possessed by your Sinners in real-time. Take on the role of the "manipulator" and change the course of the fight.

Savor the Absolute Pinnacle of Auditory Delights

This Lovecraftian realm features some of the best voiceovers in the industry, so buckle in and prepare to be transported. Investigate the inner workings of the Sinners' universe in English, Japanese, and Korean in addition to Chinese. Change it up whenever it suits you best!

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