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Surreal Works
2022.10.83 for Android
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Android 5.0+

Why do we put off completing our BIG GOALS? Why do society's expectations and other people's opinions make us anxious? What stands in the way of us accomplishing our goals? We provide you the ability to block out distractions and realize your potential in the Stoic Way with Memento Mori.


The Latin word "Memento Mori" means "Remember that You Must Die." Even though it seems frightening, people like Steve Jobs and Roman ruler Marcus Aurelius have found it to be a terrific motivator. Why? You may end your life right now, as Aurelius put it. Let that guide your actions, words, and thoughts.

Your stoic companion Memento Mori will help you to clear your head, cultivate an unwavering outlook, and broaden your perspective. It is a one-stop shop for notebooks, chores, goals, stoic literature, quotes, breathing exercises, and attitude training. All of this is accompanied by lovely music and graphics. The best

A LIFE CLOCK (or death clock) that serves as a constant reminder of your finite life is the centerpiece of Memento Mori's design. This gives you the power to quit trying to please everyone, care what people think, and put up with distractions so you can FOCUS all your focus on GOALS that matter!


  • Despite meditation, are you anxious from everyday ups and downs or experiencing mental health issues?
  • losing sight of your lie's larger vision, objectives, and tasks?
  • Looking to live your best life through stoicism?
  • Want to have inspiration, aspiration, and stoic knowledge in your hands?
  • Tired of using many apps for tasks, inspiration, and journaling?


The centuries-old ideology of stoicism was developed by luminaries like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, and others. It has weathered the test of time and is renowned for its realistic outlook on life and steadfast mental serenity. Since ancient times, people have admired stoicism as a way to find meaning and happiness.

Stoic philosophy teaches you to make the most of the things you can control and to stop worrying about things you have no control over, such as other people's opinions or the weather. By balancing desires, ideas, and behaviors, it redefines happiness as an inside workout. A Stoic, in the words of author Taleb, "is a Buddhist with attitude."

Stoicism has helped modern society develop psychological techniques like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to comprehend and control emotions. Stoicism is a leadership philosophy that fosters courage, kindness, responsibility, and critical thinking.


By addressing every angle, Memento Mori assists you in realizing your potential. Getting motivated, planning, taking action, and reflecting

  • Life Clock: Use a timer to keep things in perspective.
  • Goals: Never waver from your dreams, are your goals.
  • Task Manager: Schedule and monitor your activities
  • Stoic Exercises: Build a disciplined lifestyle with stoic workouts.
  • Guided Journals: Clear your mind with meditations on quotes, a gratitude notebook, and a diary of life tales
  • Surreal Moments: Calming encounters with soothing music and natural scenery throughout the app
  • Breathing Exercises: Simple scientific breathing techniques can help you feel more energised, focused, or at peace.
  • Motivation and Learning: Building a growth attitude through quotes and the works of the ancient Stoics.
  • Mementos: Review your old notebooks, quotations, stoic exercises, and objectives as mementos. Reflect on the past to determine the course of the future

Even more, Memento Mori functions flawlessly without an internet connection. By offering you complete control over data, notifications, and advertising, we respect your privacy.


No more just existing. It's time to live fully. How long will you put things off until you demand the best for yourself, as Epictetus put it?

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