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7.0 For Android
Updated On:
Nov 17, 2023
50.6 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Try out the Jenny Minecraft PE mod. This addon is fantastic; it adds a cute girlfriend!

Jenny is a gorgeous girl that will be added to your Minecraft PE world. With this mod, you can go for a walk with a lovely girl, invite her on a date, have fun, and live with her. Jenny is the most requested mod for MCPE.

Download and install this fantastic mod quickly and easily. Jenny's selection is fantastic! There are also numerous additional intriguing mods and maps that you can use in conjunction with your new virtual Jenny companion. If you've always wanted to feel the nicest feelings in your life, this app is for you! These mods and additions can be installed without the need for any other software program.

This application is not linked with or sanctioned by Mojang AB; its name, commercial brand, and other parts of the application are registered trademarks and the property of their respective owners. This app follows Mojang's terms of service. All game products, names, locations, and other characteristics described in this application are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. We make no claim to, and have no rights to, any of the preceding.

What is Jenny Mod For Minecraft Pe APK?

You get an extra female player in Minecraft Jenny edition who assists you with a lot of things that you do alone in the normal edition of Minecraft. In a nutshell, it's your girlfriend in Minecraft. It contains NSFW material. Due Jenny's Minecraft mod has recently received a lot of popularity due to this functionality.

In Jenny's version, you must first locate Jenny and then train her to assist you. When you find Jenny, she can assist you with a variety of tasks, including the creation of house farming items. More on that in a moment. It was made by SlipperyTum.

Features of Jenny Mod For Minecraft Pe APK:

Jenny, meticulously constructed, adds a whole new dimension to the Minecraft game world. Let's take a closer look at its wonderful features, which were created for individuals who crave a true pixel wonderland experience:

  • Virtual Girlfriend Experience: At its core, the mod gives an in-game "girlfriend" named Jenny, with whom players can engage. It's not just about construction; it's also about bonding.
  • Pocket Edition Compatibility: The Jenny is designed for the on-the-go player The Minecraft PE mod ensures that no one gets left out of the fun. The gameplay is consistent whether on desktop or mobile.
  • Dynamic Interactions: Dazzle Jenny with diamond jewelry or get her moving by asking a dance. The mod allows you to connect, chat, and cherish moments in the Minecraft universe.
  • Earn and Spend: By using in-game currency, gamers can gain access to exclusive features and interactions that enhance their gameplay experience.
  • Design that is safe and respectful: Are you concerned about the content? This mod is intended to maintain interactions safe for work purposes by balancing realism and respect.
  • In-Game Bestie: Jenny can be your "bestie" in-game if you want a more platonic encounter, illustrating that the Minecraft mod isn't just about romance.
  • Simple Installation: Go to the download page, click on the download link, and then follow the install Jenny mod instructions. A new dimension in your Minecraft game is waiting for you.
  • Immersive Gameplay: Jenny is not a static entity; her features vary as you progress, guaranteeing that each session is new and exciting.
  • Exclusive for Java: This mod is only available for the Java edition, assuring optimal performance and no compatibility issues.

The Jenny mod hasn't just added functionality; it's changed the whole nature of Minecraft. As you dig in, remember to appreciate every pixel, interaction, and feeling that this popular mod introduces.


Minecraft is a fantastic game that everyone should attempt because there is so much to learn from it. We are now discussing concerning the Jenny mod for Minecraft. It is also a terrific game to play because it has many extra features.

Let's close up our post, but first, let's quickly recap everything we've talked about today.

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