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The game College Brawl is a 2D beat 'em up in which we play as a college delinquent named Ken. A friend tells him he has been jumped by a gang and that they have stolen his backpack when he arrives in class one day. As a result, Ken is more than motivated to spring into action and begin laying the smackdown on the all-female gang right away. I mean it when I say immediately. Within a few seconds, you will be surrounded by members of the Red Katz Gang. For an understanding of the controls, it would be wise to view the store page. There is nowhere to tell you that they are there, so you will be beaten to a pulp while you fumble to learn how to defend yourself.

You don't need to worry about the Key bindings here. You use D to attack, S to jump, and A to unleash your special attack. Ken also comes with 30 healing items that can be used at any time by pressing E. If you are losing all your health but still have at least five healing items, pressing R will put you right back into the fight if you do so in time. Now, V, V is still a mystery. The store page refers to it as "HP Points", but clicking the key does not appear to do anything. Lastly, you have the F key. This allows you to sexually abuse any fallen foe and refills a portion of your KI meter, which you use for special attacks.

A foe can be dealt with anytime and anywhere. In the least, Ken doesn't care if bystanders are watching. You can find quite a few unique background animations from otherwise easily overlooked NPC characters. They can be in shock, cheer you on, or even follow your lead if they are with their girlfriends. The touch of this person adds a lot of life to the world. During the sex animation, no one will attack you, but as soon as it is finished, it is time to put your fists up again. Since your enemies never stop spawning, you will likely be surrounded by the time you finish the game.

That makes the act pretty dangerous for yourself. In gameplay, the main reason you want sex is to replenish your KI meter for the ability you are using. By definition, you can only attack in front of you, meaning that if you find yourself surrounded, you either take the damage or lose the KI you just gained. Your enemies have a greater reach than you. Even in one on one combat, there is no way to avoid damage, since their attacks have a longer range and they don't have any wind-up time. The combat in this game lacks some fun elements, including those I just mentioned. It makes little sense not to walk by every enemy, taking the damage you'd be taking anyway, then heading straight towards the boss fight.

It's just a single attack with no variation or strategy, so you'll just be mashing the D key and hoping for the best. Occasionally, you will use the special ability to take down any enemy who is near you, in order to avoid being mobbed by the never-ending legion of enemies. Jump buttons are only useful when faced with a single boss. It's something you are otherwise not going to use because it is extremely dangerous. Jumping does damage to the enemies you launch yourself at, but only slightly, and the animation for it takes too long without the ability to break out of it. As a result, you slightly damage the enemy, then get beaten until you regain control of your character.

There are five stages total, each ending with a boss. Fighting them can range from being fun to being annoying. The game is mostly the former until late in the game when it tries to increase the challenge in not-so-great ways. It is possible to take a boss down if you damage them heavily enough in a short time. You can then take advantage of this opportunity to have your way with them. It both damages their health and refills a bit of your SP meter, making it the only instance when the sex mechanic works. Each boss also has its own unique lewd animation, and even a CG after you defeat it. Although these fights are a mixed bag, they definitely add variety to the rest of the bland gameplay on the stage.

The idea of having sex doubles as a high score system as well. This does not serve that purpose well. As well as enemies reappearing infinitely, your score will not reset as well when you die. Since you have to restart on the same screen with a full life bar and 30 healing items, this scoring system relies entirely on patience. Sexual pixel animations aren't half-bad here. There are lots of them to see, and it is pretty decent. The speed at which more enemies appear ruins the idea of actually doing it since you cannot waste any time or you will lose even more resources from cheap hits, since all enemies have a longer range. Thankfully, after you have finished the game, you can access the Extras on the main menu, where you will be shown all of the animations and CGs.

The Extras mode allows you to change the background, speed of the sex animations, and to ejaculate at any time. Due to how many there are and how good they are, this is College Brawl's strongest selling point. You may also notice that you haven't unlocked all of the scenes and animations there. This is because you will also unlock a four-stage alternate story once you have completed the base game. In it, you will no longer play as Ken, but as the female gym teacher Anko. Someone is paying a good price for a sex video with her in it, causing every man in town to try to claim the prize by any means possible. As the sex offender, you are now the victim in this mode, which is a refreshing change of pace.

The developers put a lot of effort into this mode. Instead of just giving us more levels with a different character, they changed a lot from the base game. One benefit is that your enemies no longer want to beat you senseless. Foes will now try to grapple you at close range, giving you the range advantage in a fight, unlike in the base campaign. Furthermore, they drop healing items when defeated, making the endless respawns more bearable. With the original game, all you got was a slight refill of your SP meter after wasting time with the sex animations. Additionally, there was no way to get more healing items. Now you not only get a steady supply of resources, but you also get KI for picking them up without having to go through the animations Ken had to go through.

The flip side of that is that you could also be sexually abused if you are attacked. Ken had a lot of enemies to deal with, but wait until you see the hordes of horny men that Anko has to combat. Like Ken, she doesn't have a two-directional special ability. Anko uses a bat that will only affect those who are facing her. Despite that, thanks to the changes made, the gameplay flows much better now. I still wouldn't call it great, but it is a night and day difference. It's funny how the things I liked and disliked about the game have been completely reversed. Now, I enjoy going through a level, but the bosses have been cranked way past 11 on the obnoxious scale.

Following the first boss, almost every one of them will knock you down after a single attack. Do you remember how you were abused when you were knocked down? Thus, you will spend more time mashing the movement keys to escape the sex animations than actually fighting. This is on top of the fact that they are cheaper overall than the base campaign. I could ramble on for a paragraph dissecting what is wrong with each one, but I feel I've bashed the gameplay enough in one review. The developers are simply unable to develop a challenge that is fair to all players, and instead, play off the game's existing flaws like attack range or now being knocked down. The last one wasn't even a flaw until they turned it into one. After having mashed on my keyboard so much in a single boss fight, it's seriously hurting my wrist.

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